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At Last, The Rebecca Juro Show Returns! Live Test Show Tonight 7pm Eastern

Filed By Rebecca Juro | June 13, 2010 11:30 AM | comments

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It took a while longer than we'd anticipated, but it's finally here! The Rebecca Juro Show returns to the cyber-airwaves for a live one-hour test show tonight, Sunday, June 13th at 7PM Eastern, and we need your help!

We've got lots of new and cool things planned for our big premiere, but this test show is mainly intended to give our new studio setup a workout. We want to know how it looks and sounds to you, our listeners. We're going to ask you to call in and help us test our phones lines, tell us how we sound and how the video looks, and basically let us know if all the tech Engineer Mike Scott and I have put together is working the way it's supposed to. Along with that, we'll be having a full hour of talk, fun, and maybe even a few surprises. If it all goes as we hope, we're planning on an official full-on premiere for this coming Thursday, June 17th, 7-9pm eastern.

(Tune-in information after the jump)

How to tune in:

48K audio stream:

Our show page with video:

Watch for more info before the show, including (hopefully) the link for our high-quality 96K stream.

See you tonight, Sunday, June 13th, 7PM Eastern! Trust me, this is gonna rock!

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Congrats! Looking forward to your production. Break a Leg!

So I know we had some listeners, and we had some sound and video issues (which is why we did this test show and why we're doing a two-hour test show thursday, not the big premiere).

So, whaddya think? Fire away...

Well, for those who missed the show, you can watch it on here. Fair warning, the sound is not the best, though Mike tells me that he's fixed the problem and the sound for Thursday's show will be much better.

If you do want to watch tonight's show, you'll see a list of links on the right hand side of the page. Most will have a test pattern on the video, but near the top you'll see one with a shot of me. That's actually the second half of the show. The last half hour of the segment below that is the first half of the show.

One of the cool things about using is that all of our shows will be automatically archived on the site and will be available immediately, instead of having to wait for Mike to post them like we used to.

Also, Thursday's show will not be the official premiere, but another test show to make sure we've got the audio working properly. We want to make sure things are running on all cylinders before we officially premiere and start having guests.

So, you're forgiven, Bil, this time. ;)

Hi Rebecca,

I did not hear about the show until this morning (Monday) so I will have to watch the video of it. Good luck on the show and hope it gets a good sized following.