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Cadbury's special treat: Unfortunate advertising

Filed By Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | June 28, 2010 9:30 AM | comments

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The French reads: It's like a finger. Surrounded by chocolate. It disappears quickly. And I'll add... Errrr....up Hershey Highway?


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This is so tasteless and even homophobic of Dr. Brame. I expected much more from her and from Bilerico. Have you ever heard of lady fingers pastries? The European finger-shaped pastry?

Agreeing with TanyaM. Chocolate-covered ladyfingers - or, more accurately, ladyfinger-shaped sablee biscuits - don't gross me out nearly as much as Dr. Brame making a joke I normally hear from the mouths of homophobic fratboys.

Gloria Brame | June 28, 2010 2:33 PM

Umm....WOW. I saw this as totally pansexual humor -- or at least humorous to everyone who is ok with anal sex (as I most definitely am). Correct me if I'm wrong but you seem to be implying that anal sex = gay? If so...REALLY?! In this day and age? Forgive my naivete, but I think of anal sex as something everyone, regardless of orientation, enjoys (or has the potential to enjoy, to be nit-picky about it). What am I missing here?

What? Seriously? Homophobic?

I didn't get that out of it at all.

C'est un finger chocolate. Magnifique!

Och, I was unclear in my previous statement. (Sorry about that, Dr. Brame.) I don't think that "anal sex" = "gay," not at all, and I think we share the same approval of pansexuality in all its manifestations, including anal sex. What I objected to specifically was the use of "Hershey highway," which I've never heard from anyone but homophobes and 14-year-olds who overestimate their own hilarity. But I will concede that my experience is not universal, and not everyone carries my baggage. (Shocking, I know.)

I still say there's nothing unfortunate about a chocolate finger. ;)

Gloria Brame | June 28, 2010 9:41 PM

Ohhhh! Thank you for that. lol Actually, I'm afraid we are kind of goofy Chez Brame because we occasionally use that term when we're feeling silly. Had no idea it was associated with homophobia and am genuinely sorry it stirred that association for readers.

If there's one thing I've learned from years of social awkwardness on the internet, it's that context is key. I'll bet that if I heard said term at Chez Brame, I'd pull a big snotty adolescent eyeroll -- and then I'd giggle.