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Cuccinelli "Attends" DC Pride - a/k/a Smooches for Cooch

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I have to admit it - I love the sense of humor of whoever came up with the idea of raising money and recruiting new members for LGBT causes by having gay folk kiss a large cut out photo of self-loathing, homo-hating Virginia Attorney General Ken "Kookinelli" Cuccinelli. Copies of the photos will be mailed to Kookinelli's office and one has to wonder if the Cooch will be secretly aroused by the photos of hotties smacking a big one on him. Who knows, he might even have to run to a rest room for some relief. On the other hand, given Kookinelli's level of insanity, he might just as easily describe himself as a victim of gay terrorism. As I have said before, in my opinion, Kookinelli belongs in a mental institution. Here are some highlights from the Washington Post:

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will be the special guest at the Capital Pride Festival this weekend -- only he doesn't know it yet. The Virginia Partisans, a gay rights group with thousands of members in the state, will ask parade attendees to "kiss" a life-size cutout of the controversial attorney general in an event they are affectionately calling "Smooches for Cooch."

The group will send a collection of photos of people kissing Cuccinelli to the attorney general along with the message that Virginia is for all lovers. The same motto will appear on stickers and banners at the group's booth along the Pennsylvania Avenue parade route Sunday.

Cuccinelli, who advised public colleges that they could not legally prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, has called the practice of homosexuality "a detriment to our culture" and "wrong."

The Partisans hope Cuccinelli will be just the draw they need to recruit members. The group considered a petition drive, but abandoned it because members thought it was too passé. We're sending our love to Ken Cuccinelli,'' said Terry Mansberger, president of the Virginia Partisans. "He's the gift that keeps on giving."

A spokesman for had Cuccinelli no comment.

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And what is sexual harassment supposed to accomplish?

It's as if you found the most petty, infantile way of expressing displeasure with this bigot's behavior.

I doubt this would be kosher if we saw a Hillary Clinton cardboard at a fundie convention up for the same "kiss the devil thing" style of mockery.

I actually think this sounds funny and it's pretty original too. So long as they don't get too crude (or at the very least, only send his office the photos of his cardboard cut-out being kissed), then it's probably fine. Besides, promote it right and it could make a newsworthy story, and I think humor is a great mechanism for disempowering the opposition.

I agree with Carlo...great idea and has the potential to detoxify him in a way that might be advantageous to "the gay." If we can do it without venom, it's always better....love it!


OK, gays are the most creative people ever. Surely we can come up with more of these sorts of actions!