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Dino Rossi Washington State's Biggest Loser Going for Thirds

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Two-time gubernatorial loser Dino Rossi is going for thirds, but this time he's after Senator Patty Murray's seat.

Rossi is Washington State's biggest douche-bag. That's quite the honor, because our state has no shortage of douche-bag Republicans who are desperate losers.

When progressives heard he was running for Senate after losing against Governor Christine Gregoire two times in a row, there was a collective moan heard throughout the world. (Sorry about that Tsunami warning, Southeast Asia. We'll try to keep our grumbles to a minimum next time.)

Despite my bias against the doofus winner wannabe, Rossi's campaign always manages to squeak out a close call. The first time around, Washington was hurled into a drawn out recount.

But why would anyone ever vote for this windbag? Check out this recent "media opportunity" caught on video by the Stranger.

Can you see why Western Washington progressives' skin crawls anytime this lame-ass opens his mouth? It is going to be a long, long, long election season.

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I was in Walla Walla during Dino Rossi Sore-Loser-plosion #1. That was really close, like a dozen or two votes or something against Gregoire. I didn't follow Washington politics at the time, but I did vote for Gregoire. I was glad that it made a difference in the end.