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Evan Bayh's the kind of guy who covers his kids' eyes if two dudes are holding hands in the park

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Evan Bayh, Indiana's (thank God) out-going Senator, was on Morning Joe in a rather brain-dead segment talking about Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johanson kissing. If you want to know how un-cool Bayh is, while everyone's making silly, forgettable, and dorky comments, Bayh had to jump in and say:

I'm glad it was past my kids' bed time.

Evan Bayh ran for governor and then Senator on the perfect, home-grown family image (despite his corruption and his wife's huge income from her position on the board of WellPoint she was coincidentally offered when Evan won his Senate seat). So of course he'd bring his kids into the conversation, his perfect twins who'd just crawl into a corner and cry in the fetal position if they saw the horror of two women kissing.

He's not running for Senate so I guess he's just letting himself go. Even though he says he supports LGBT legislation, I think comments like this go a long way to show why Democrats in Congress haven't made much progress on our issues.

It's a Bradley Effect sort of thing - they say it's wrong that we can lose our jobs because of who we are because saying otherwise polls badly and is homophobic, but when push comes to shove they think we're kind of icky so they just don't want the topic to come up. Evan Bayh's a perfect example.

Video of him on Morning Joe is at Glaadblog (sorry, I can't embed it here), and video of the kiss is after the jump.

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Wilson46201 | June 8, 2010 12:45 PM

It's highly likely Nick & Beau have already seen two girls kissing at their school ...

I remember when I was a camp counselor at a boys camp (up to age 15) and some of the older kids would sit around and talk about the pussy they were getting, titties, ass, etc. I busted one of them in the bathroom at a dance with a girls' camp and he got all mad at me - and so did the other counselors who actually went to that camp. (for some reason, the women from the girls' camp were much more understanding of my position.)

It was eye-opening for me since I wasn't from the same social class as these kids and I realized that that made a difference. So here we have two uber-rich 15 year olds, and I'm wondering why Evan Bayh's pretending like he's a working class father of elementary school children.

Well, wasn't it past Evan Bayh's bedtime? For pete's sake, the guy talks like his kids ain't thought it, seen it, done it. Wise up, Bayh.

John Oliver interviewed by for a segment on the Daily Show. He's quitting because he thinks he can be President. This was how Oliver concluded the interview:

So Oliver hands Bayh a letter and a stamp and asks him to prove it.

Bayh takes the stamp and licks it.

"OK, they're self-adhesive now, so you don't have to do that," Oliver says.

"Oh? That's an improvement," Bayh says with a sheepish grin.

"See, this is exactly what I'm talking about," Oliver said. "It's too soon for you to go out there. You're going to get eaten alive."

He then ends his segment with this narrative about Bayh:

"Good luck on the outside, Evan Bayh, though I feel someday you'll be sitting in a chair somewhere longing for the glory days."

Oh, Bayh is one of those pathets, small minded men who misses both trees and forests while living in his own little world of hatred and greed. In my world, I always feel so very sad for children who are cursed to be parented by people like him. That's the sad and perpetuating cause of hatred against so many groups in the country. Let's just hope he drifts off into the sunset as quickly as possilbe.

Seriously? WTF is wrong with Evan these days?

Alex is exactly write. This explains quite a bit.