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File this under "Hypocritical Stone Throwing"

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Okay, seriously. I know politicians like to drum up scandals and faux outrage to score political points against their opponents, but New York Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis has a different target in her sights. Instead of attacking her opponents, she's attacking former Governor Elliot Spitzer.

Kristin_Davis.jpgSpitzer has been filling in as a CNN host for departing anchor Campbell Brown is the network plans on hiring him to permanently replace her. Just last week, I turned to Jerame when Spitzer was filling in for Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC and said, "He's really good. I hope they keep him."

The former New York Governor resigned his office after getting busted patronizing prostitutes. Who procured those highclass hookers for the Guv? Former madam turned Libertarian politician Kristin Davis.

Davis, who is running on a pro-marijuana and prostitution legalization platform, has decided to try and score cheekily grab contact information from unsuspecting moral values types by pushing an action alert aimed at getting CNN to dump Spitzer from their lineup. Why? She says the network is "condoning the criminal actions of Eliot Spitzer," while conveniently ignoring her own role in the scandal as she tries to get voters to condone her own future job prospect.

On Davis' new CNN: No To Spitzer site, she has a laundry list of reasons why Spitzer shouldn't replace Campbell Brown. One in particular stands out to me:

As Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer prosecuted people for promoting prostitution. Spitzer on June 6, 2007 signed into law legislation to prevent human trafficking and to suppress the demand for prostitution. New York's punishment for patronizing prostitutes changed from a Class B misdemeanor (3 months jail/$500 fine) to a Class A (1 year jail/$1,000 fine) misdemeanor. All the while Eliot Spitzer was frequenting these same agencies. Spitzer has yet to admit to his hypocrisy.

Nestled at the bottom of the site without the bold red headlines, however, is a short disclaimer.

THE "Just Say No to Spitzer" Campaign is sponsored by Kristin Davis for Governor. Kristin Davis is the former Manhattan Madam who provided Spitzer with call-girls while he was both Attorney General and Governor of New York for which she was sentenced to four months in prison and six years probation. Now Kristin Davis is running for Governor of New York as a Libertarian.

So let me see if I've got this straight... Kristin Davis wants CNN to dump Spitzer as a potential news anchor because he patronized prostitutes that she supplied to him. She's calling this the "Just Say No to Spitzer" campaign? Apparently she didn't say "No" when she was making bucketloads of cash for human trafficking, did she?

File this under "Hypocritical stone throwing."

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Dan Massey | June 9, 2010 6:22 PM

Point taken, but I'd probably vote for her. At least she has a sensible platform focusing on what really matters to New Yorkers.

Keep smiling...

Yes, there is Hypocrisy with a capital H, here. And it belongs to blogger Bil Browning.

Bil would praise 'sex worker' "Rentboy", while condemning 'sex worker' Kristin Davis. You can't have it both ways, Bil.

Maybe it's Bil's blind devotion and knee-jerk support and worship of Democrats (like Spitzer), even after the LGBTQQIAP community keeps getting [email protected] by the Dems.

Why don't you ask Steve Goldman, of Garden State Equality, how he felt as he watched the Dems - who had complete control of New Jersey's Governor's office and Legislature - fail to pass marriage equality last year.

Kristin Davis is a Libertarian. Did you ever read one of their Platforms, Bil?

"... we support ... all couples, regardless of gender, to enter into marriage, with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities ..."

But, you all go keep wishing on those Dems. Let me know how that works out for ya.

Just watch that wagging finger of shame, Bil.

I wonder what Spitzer said as an anchor that irritated her. There's got to be more to this story.

Republicans, ahem, excuse me, libertarians, always run against someone other than the person they're running against. National Republicans have been running against Jimmy Carter for decades. He could die and that wouldn't stop them.

Libertarianism, for some reason, gets lots more praise than it deserves among LGBT people. I know, we all want to be left alone (except for those of us who are normal human beings and love interacting with other human beings), but as the Tea Baggers have made obvious, libertarianism is just an excuse to be racist.

I remember during the whole Ron Paul thing, when he was running for president and they found those old newsletters he wrote filled with things like "HIV is God's punishment" and "blacks are inferior" and stuff like that, Ron Paul's response was "I can't be racist - I'm libertarian!" It was the dumbest response ever, considering what he wrote, but that's what libertarianism is about - removing one's personal responsibility for hatred and selfishness and polishing it up as a real philosophy.