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Half naked bloody Dutch men compete in beauty pageant

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Well, that's a post title I never imagined writing: "Half naked bloody Dutch men compete in beauty pageant." Yup. Never in my wildest. Thank goodness, the Mr. Gay Netherlands contest decided to help me expand my horizons, eh?

The beauty pageant allowed webheads to narrow the contestants from hundreds down to a dozen and, boy-o-boy, did they choose well. Interestingly enough, they also chose the most diverse cast of potential winners - including an Israeli Jew and a Palestinian Muslim.


But what in the hell was the point of these bloody publicity photos by photographer Stefan Ammerlaan? Does carving their contestant numbers on the boys bodies say "art," "sexy," or even "gay?" You be the judge. All twelve photos are after the jump.

(And before one of you asks in the comments section, yes, you can clickety the pics to embiggen.)

Contestant #1 - Mischa Germeraad


Contestant #2 - Stephan Lindeman


Contestant #3

Photo removed at the contestant's request

Contestant #4 - Nick Looy


Contestant #5 - Casper Veltkamp


Contestant #6 - Ricardo de Rouw


Contestant #7 - Joey Bolman


Contestant #8 - Wouter Huele


Contestant #9 - Golani Hopman


Contestant #10 - Bas Roep


Contestant #11 - Andy Dix


Contestant #12 - Brian Davenschot


So who do you think is going to win? My money is on Mischa Germeraad, Nick Looy, or Andy Dix, but not Ricardo de Rouw. His pic with a slit throat just creeps me out.

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Another fine post in a long line of fine posts.

I thought the title was particularly inspiring.

brodelbrueh | June 15, 2010 5:10 PM

Why is there never any lady eye candy? :(

There've been a few - mostly because none of our lesbian writers submit those kind of posts. I wish they would.

And men of color? Every since I've started coming to this site regularly - a site I mostly enjoy for its unique presentation of GLBT issues - I've seen nothing but the fetishizing of white men - the piece on, that DVD give-away on College Boys Live, Visual AIDS and now this. Can't you be an equal opportunity fetishizer?

I'm sorry, did you not read Bil's post immediately above your own?

If there's something you'd like to see, why not bring it? In another thread, someone was complaining that there's never enough women on display here — and yet when she was asked to post something along those lines, she responded "Oh, that's not my forte". That, as far as I'm concerned, is a wimpy answer, and I would say the same to you. It's not Bil's job — just as it's not mine or Alex's or Jillian's or anyone else here — to do anything beyond present those materials they personally find interesting and think the community at large might as well. If you dont feel a part of our community isnt being properly represented, then fill the void. Truly, it's not that difficult, and everyone here is quite willing to help you do so.

Pity, because Ricardo is one seriously nice piece of man flesh.

Looking at some of those shots, it's killing me that they're gay. ;-)

The blood, though, ugh. Artsiness gone wrong.

Wow, thanks Bil for putting your money on me, I feel honoured!

Love, Mischa

Its nice to see that people all over the world say i've got to win! Thanks for the big compliment. And thanks for writing about us!

Greets from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Nick Looy

Ps. Bill, thanks for putting your coins on me ;)

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