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Happy Birthday to Me...

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Editors' Note: Sara's birthday was actually yesterday, but since the Ed Team was enjoying the holiday, we weren't able to get this post published in time. Happy belated birthday, Sara!

Today is my birthday.


I think. I asked my mother on my 40th birthday to forever more remember me as 32. She always did.

I woke up today after night sweats and hot flashes, to the beautiful coast of Maine. And then drove 6 hours to get home.

Last night? I was the luckiest woman alive. I ate fresh lobsters. Laughed with the kids at dinner, which we actually could eat out on the porch because it was so warm. Had strawberry shortcake for dessert and watched the fire burn.

Someone else did the dishes. Honestly? That's all I want. Someone else to do the dishes.

Tomorrow marks the first day of the month long sprint that is June, the end of school, and all that the kids do.

All that really matters to me are my kids. Honestly. After spending some time alone in Maine, I know that.


I'm 47 today. Not a day over 32. Although Ben told me today I qualified for botox.

You know what? I love every line. Every extra fold. It is who I am today. I'm tired of fighting. I'm just going to enjoy. My beauty is not in my skin or my body- it is in my mind.

Ok, that might be slipping some but... Happy Birthday to Me!

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Best wishes for a happy birthday! - belated.

Michael @ | June 1, 2010 11:25 AM

Hell, I've got underwear older than least 32 anyway.

Happy Birthday Old Soul! Your children, and we, are lucky to have you!

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | June 2, 2010 5:23 AM

I am going on record saying that although our age is similar my underwear is newer :)

Happy Birthday Young Lady!

Happy Birthday!
We share birthdays Sara! I was born 31 May 1963 @ 9:31PM. My Mom made sure I knew about the A/C in the hospital being broken and it being 98f, I hadthe largest crown and more... I miss my Mom telling me all that on my birthday and her always burnt cakes...
My bestest birthday gift came late last night just as I was going to sleep. My BFF called me and sang Happy Birthday to me in her sweet southern accent!
Happy Birthday Sara!


Happy birthday and many many more to follow I hope.