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It's OK because they're cute

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"They're just a retired couple in Grand Forks who thought they would open their home to guests and here they are in the centre of a firestorm. They're a lovely couple. They don't want to be thought of as discriminating, but they're Christians who don't feel they can violate their religious beliefs."

--Lawyer Ronald Smith, who're representing a Canadian couple who doesn't want to let gays stay at their B&B

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Yeah.. like, we don't discriminate but....

We don't ate "the gays" but...

We are not horrible people really, but...

We just think we should be able to pick and choose who we deem worthy to serve, and we believe we should be allowed to act on our religiously-sanctioned hatred. Because we call it something different, and that makes it OK.

Well, this is what anti-discrimination laws are for. Open for business means open to all.
It really should be a no-brainer. If people cannot comprehend that doing public business means dealing with.. like.. the public, they should simply be closed down.

Religion is not an excuse for hatred and prejudice, no matter what label you stick on it.

Regards, Grace

Y'know what? Screw it. If they dont want to serve "our kind", it's their loss, not ours. They dont have the only B&B in town, I'm sure, so why should I really care what they do?

If these bigots are charging $ to stay in their B & B, then none of their customers are 'guests'.
The tendered quote is nothing less than lawyer-speak for 'justifiable' prejudice - which would be fine is such a thing existed.

I'm not sure how it could violate your Christian beliefs to love your neighbor as yourself--or, barring that, to love your neighbor as much as every other paying neighbor.