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New condom has teeth

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What are your thoughts on this? A new type of condom is being distributed during the World Cup in South Africa that's not just meant for birth control use. The condom has teeth attached that will latch on to a man's penis, requiring a trip to the doctor for removal. It's meant to stop rape.

Obviously, the device has its detractors and supporters. Some worry the device will only enrage the rapist and make it more likely he will beat or kill the woman. Others think it will be a deterrent. What do you think?

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The main concern I have is the psychological act of inserting a condom every morning and wearing it all day in anticipation of being raped. It'll be a be a physical reminder for the wearer to contemplate being raped every day.

But beyond that, they don't mention some very important parts of effectiveness -- what's stopping a rapist from pulling it out beforehand? Also "requiring a trip to a doctor for removal"? Why not pull it up slightly and cut with scissors. It's still made of latex not steel.

I'm currently not able to watch the video, so unless there's a text-based link, I only know what you've written here.

Question #1: Is this something that's being applied on court order? If so, then I'm not sure how I feel about it offhand. Of course, there are less damaging things that could be used ( comes to mind). But then, I don't have a lot of pity for people who rape (as long as it's properly ascertained that it took place) and South Africa has been struggling against a vigilante rape culture.

I suspect the usage is a bit more vigilante-style, though (which is bolstered by your comment about enraging the rapist, which would indicate the event is in progress during application), and that and the potential for abuse are something I'd take issue with. If this is something that individuals or mobs get to dole out, you can bet that it'll be used on more than suspected rapists.

The knowledge that this is out there would also deter people from having anything at all to do with condoms -- and I hardly see the trade-off as practical, since a rapist isn't too likely to respect the wishes of a victim saying "okay, but put this on."

More info possibly needed.

The rapist doesn't wear it, it gets inserted in the woman's vagina so when the rapist's penis enters her, he gets spikes in his cock.

spigliatezza | June 23, 2010 5:25 PM
The knowledge that this is out there would also deter people from having anything at all to do with condoms

Which, given South Africa's incredibly high HIV infection rate, is not something they need. The female condom has been promoted in southern Africa as an alternative to the male condom that gives women more agency in the situation, but something like this could cause a backlash.

SundaySandstorms | June 23, 2010 4:53 PM

One of the problems I see with this is that not all rape is vaginal. You can still be raped anally or orally, and this won't stop that. If you are vaginally raped, what's stopping the rapist from removing the condom beforehand? I'm also unclear on why a doctor is needed to remove it. If someone is desperate enough, it does seem like they could remove it themselves. Finally, it does seem like this may encourage violence in a way. With gang rape, for example, it seems the woman will still be raped, and perhaps have more violence inflicted upon her.

Regardless, the idea itself is not totally flawed. It some cases, I'm sure it would be a incredibly useful.

Regan DuCasse | June 23, 2010 6:49 PM

They had this article up at JMG and here's why I have a problem with it.

It requires that the man has already subdued their victim to the point of being able to penetrate them. By that point the victim is vulnerable to being killed. No device should require a perpetrator be that close to them, let alone already invading their body.

The best defense device should be one that can immobilize one or more persons from a safe distance.
There's non lethal options. But if a gun is legal, get one and learn how to use it.

I carry a canister of spray that leaves a stain visible under black light for several days.
Really LEARNING how to use something like this makes it very effective.

And, it bears serious consideration that women should learn how to dress in ways that make THEIR mobility easier. And learn some self defense and keep themselves strong.
Most of all, streetwise.

Women are socialized into capitulating to any friendly overture from males. And predators use friendliness sometimes to gain confidence.
Perhaps in SA it's SO bad, some of my suggestions aren't as helpful as I'd like.

But, just as this device was inspired by ' I wish I had teeth down there' uttered by a rape victim.

Personally, I wish my pepper spray canister was a flame thrower.

Not only a backlash, but Anal Rape will be the main consequence, this is a really stupid idea...why dont we just occupy Africa

I pesonally find a Webley to be a better deterrent, though as a Lesbian I find the idea of "teeth in the vagina" to sound curiously familiar

Vagina Dentana...
What a wonderful phrase..
It means no vag rape!
for the rest of your days..
But the hypocracy..
may lead to colostomy!