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NV Senate candidate Sharron Angle's anti-gay newspaper insert

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Before Sharron Angle was the Republican candidate for Senate from Nevada, she was a member of the far-right Independent American Party. Angle switched parties in 1997 when she wanted to run for statewide office. The Independent American Party is a "Christian conservative-cum-libertarian third party," according to Talking Points Memo.

Back in 1994, the fringe third party placed a 16 page insert in the state's newspapers advocating for a state amendment that would explicitly okay discrimination against the LGBT community by businesses and government. The insert also advertised their new bumperstickers you could buy for $1; it read "Homophobia - No | Homonausea - Yes."

The ad insert, which approvingly cites an 1814 legal treatise titled "Consequences of Sodomy: Ruin of a Nation," is a digest of articles that refer to LGBT people alternately as "homosexuals," "sodomites," and "brazen perverts." The insert includes virtually every homophobic myth ever conceived.
Probably the coup de grace of the insert is the article "Can the HIV Virus Survive in Water?". Writer Lorraine Day, M.D., concluded that yes, the virus can survive in the water. Citing medical journal articles, she raised the specter of HIV infection through public pools, hot tubs, and municipal water supplies.

A copy of the horrifying insert is after the jump.

1994 IAP 16 Page Newspaper Insert

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In Re: Lorraine Day
"In September 2003, Day testified at a hearing concerning Ernst Zündel, a hate propagandist whom Canada was trying to deport to Germany. Various sources indicate that Zündel had for many years funded neo-Nazi groups and published anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denial tracts such as the 1977 book The Hitler We Loved and Why. [22-24]. ADL has described Zündel as "one of the largest distributors of Nazi and neo-Nazi propaganda and memorabilia in the world." [25] At the time of Day's involvement, Zündel was detained in Toronto pending a Canadian Federal Court review of the government's declaration that he was a threat to national security, an order that would trigger removal to his native Germany, which had issued an arrest warrant for him [26]. Zündel's wife claimed that he had used herbs to cure himself of "inoperable, terminal cancer" many years previously but had had a recurrence because detention authorities would not permit him to continue taking them. Her Web site (Zündelsite) listed Day among the signers of a petition to government officials which asserted that, "Mr. Zundel is an honest, outspoken man, and he does not deserve to be sent to Germany to face FIVE YEARS in prison merely because he has openly questioned the accuracy and veracity of what many claim to have been an historical occurence." Day testified that Zundel had cancer and high blood pressure and needed to be released from the detention center so that he could follow a non-drug treatment [28]. A week later, on the Jeff Rense Program, Day stated that she had been a friend of Zundel's wife for 13 years (many years before she married Zündel) and that the Canadian authorities "plan to kill him by neglect and keeping him under pressure."

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | June 26, 2010 12:22 AM

Because the WH and incumbents of both parties are beginning to smell like a Lousiania beach the ultraright are going to make a few gains.

Democrats are not voting in droves according to the polls. An average of 59% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents have told Gallup they are more enthusiastic than usual about voting this year, the highest average in a midterm election year since 1994. Republicans' current relative enthusiasm advantage over Democrats is also the largest it has been.
Gallup. June 21st, 2010

A new (June 24th, 2010) Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds Americans "are more pessimistic about the state of the country and less confident in President Obama's leadership than at any point since Mr. Obama entered the White House."

Key finding: "62% feel the country is on the wrong track, the highest level since before the 2008 election. Just one-third think the economy will get better over the next year, a 7-point drop from a month ago and the low point of Mr. Obama's tenure."

A Republican politician will call you a queer, faggot, dyke or tranny to your face and then sneer.

A Democrat politician, on the other hand, will wait until you leave the room, sneer and then call you a queer, faggot, dyke or tranny.

Vote against the Democrats on Tuesday, November 2nd. Or just don't vote.

Vote against the Republicans on Tuesday, November 2nd. Or just don't vote.

Anybody Butt Harry | June 26, 2010 3:30 AM

It looks like Nevada is going to butt Harry in the November election. Are you excited?

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | June 26, 2010 8:52 AM

Hi, andrew.

HIV can spread in water? in 1994 she said that? These people really do have a war on science.

twinkie1cat | June 29, 2010 12:20 AM

The scary part is that people will vote for her, believe what she says and spread her lies. Angle has been a topic on the talk shows lately. She is not being properly ignored as a crackpot by an electorate enamoured with the likes of Sarah Palin.

Conservatives love to assert the authority of people like her because she says what they want to believe. I know this because my mother sends me the newsletters, with important points carefully underlined, from far right groups and believes Rush Limbaugh as though her were God. (Don't know if she has discovered Glen Beck as she has never been into a lot of TV.)

It is incredibly important that progressives and Democrats get out and vote the way Republicans are prone to doing, to take their responsibility seriously and not become complacent. Midterm elections tend to have very low turnouts, but can change the course of history.