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NYC Pride March

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It was a beautiful, hot, sunny day today at New York City Pride.

I met up with Father Tony, Michael Crawford, JoeMyGod, the grrls from Autostraddle, and a dozen or so NYC bloggers.

In front of us, the champion Rugby team, the Gotham Knights, gorgeous hunks of sportsmanship.

Behind us, the faaabulous Swish -- Straight Women In Support of Homosexuals -- a gay-straight alliance, whose performance was indeed fabulous, fun and totally danceable.

Some hot guys from G Worldwide Resorts, too.

The crowds were incredible -- cheering enthusiastically for all of us and for each other.

I was proud to be there.

Pix and vids after the jump.

Click to enlarge:

2010-06-27 11.43.36.jpg

2010-06-27 12.24.33.jpg

2010-06-27 12.25.01.jpg

2010-06-27 12.25.15.jpg

2010-06-27 12.25.26.jpg

2010-06-27 12.25.45.jpg

2010-06-27 12.26.08.jpg

2010-06-27 12.26.25.jpg


2010-06-27 12.33.57.jpg

2010-06-27 12.35.13.jpg

2010-06-27 12.35.56.jpg

2010-06-27 12.46.00.jpg

2010-06-27 12.46.31.jpg

2010-06-27 12.47.31.jpg

2010-06-27 12.49.09.jpg

2010-06-27 12.49.14.jpg


2010-06-27 13.40.33.jpg

2010-06-27 13.29.24.jpg

2010-06-27 13.29.16.jpg

2010-06-27 14.50.14.jpg

The NYC Bloggers contingent at the first reviewing stand:

The Gotham Knights Rugby Team in action:

Swish in action:

The crowds at Christopher Street cheering us on:

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Blogger contingent? I'll give Paris Pride another 10 years to get there.

"... gorgeous hunks of sportsmanship."

You've had quite a weekend. Good for you.

Are you in any of the pictures?

Yes, I'm the one behind the camera.

Also, did you see the Trans Pride Flag there?

No, I didn't. Though if it was elsewhere in the parade, I wouldn't have because I was stuck marching between the rugby guys and Swish.

There's much worse things I can think of than being caught between a rugby team and, well, just about anything.

Thanks. I've been keeping track of where it appears. The trans people in at least a half dozen countries are now using it. In the UK, they also have a Union Jack with the Trans colors.