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Odd Comment: The Klan, Bisexual Harems & a Hippie Utopia

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I've become accustomed to reading tons of really out there comments from readers. Some are cruel to another commenter or the author of the post, others are incomprehensible, and many are just, well, odd. frontkkk.jpgYou wonder what was going on in the reader's head, if you get my drift.

Yesterday, a reader stopped by a post I wrote in February of 2007 called, "Klan presence increases in Indiana." I'd written it the day a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage passed in our state senate and linked that vote with the upsurge in Klan activity.

Eric's comment is out there and runs the gamut from bisexual harems, a hippie utopia, and his support of the Klan. Confused by this meandering mess? It's after the jump.

I want to join myself but all the websites seem to be blocked.

Hmm indeed.

But here's why I want to join. Because the man who made me his best man at his Catholic wedding talked his Catholic wife into swinging and keeps a bisexual harem while his best friend dies of lonliness. How is that even relative you ask?

Because progressives have destroyed America's morality in an effort to overcome racism. That's not what God intended. And as long as white women are begging for BBC they are not going to marry me.

Five years ago my CD changer was filled with DMB and Barry White.

Not anymore. I've seen enough. And my only chance of finding a Christian daughter is meeting a racist father.

The country is [email protected]#$%d. The Klan is peaceful. It's about good people that can't bare to look anymore. The hippies have their utopia now. All we can do is live out our lives in the only place from which we are not chastized.

Because Swingers are the new Ningers.

Want to reply to Eric? I noticed he clicked the box to receive reply comments as they come in. Just mosey on over to the original post and he'll get every single on in his inbox...

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Replying to Eric would seem to only validate his ramblings as worthy of notice, though.

Anyone who thinks the klan is peaceful is not operating on all cylinders.

Eric needs to tell it to someone who gives a sheet.


That's right Eric, it's because we are addicted to BBC that white women won't marry you. By God I think you've cracked this case wide open!


Oh, I may just do that. But not right now -- I'm in a happy place and that always makes it hard for me to Dyss someone properly, lol

BBC? I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that the British Broadcasting System was opposed to Eric's marriage. Or am I missing something in my little cave here?

it's not the bbc's just that after the local women have seen "the graham norton show" and discoveed that not all men are eric, this guy is no longer the superior specimen of manhood he used to be around town, and the inevitable result is seen in his comment...and his sudden new interest in really, really, flashy sport coats.

Replies to this comment are exactly what he wants. This is an attempt at stirring anger, and if it works he wins (in his mind, anyway). Ignore him.

friday jones | June 9, 2010 1:15 AM

He doesn't want any of that hippie stuff anywhere near his "hood." Which he keeps sparkling with Clorox, by the way.

It always comes down to race, doesn't it?