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We're happy to say our names out loud

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To illustrate the best reason why Bilerico Project should win Nuvo alternative newspaper's 2010 Best Of Indy contest as Indianapolis' Best Locally Owned Website, you need look no further than a commercial on our local NPR station that's airing this week. The ad is for Indy Pride, this weekend's gay pride celebration.

At no point in the ad do they say the words, "gay," "lesbian," "bisexual," or "transgender." It's just full of vague references to showing "your pride" and "come out" to the park. In Indiana, being a part of the LGBT community is something you're supposed to keep hidden; be discreet. We are not discreet about LGBT issues and Indiana needs to see that we won't be pushed back into the closet.

When local Democrats pull shady tricks like paying for anti-gay fliers or make AIDS jokes or vote against legislation critical to our community, they need to know someone will hold them accountable. We're already a thorn in their side, so why not help us out and make it official?

Please spare a few moments to vote for Bilerico Project as Indy's best locally owned website. It only takes two minutes and, well, it's a big deal for Indianapolis to have a queer site in the running. Voting ends today.

So by all means, come out and enjoy Pride month - but let's send a message that the LGBT community in Indy is here - and we're happy to say our names out loud.


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Wilson46201 | June 11, 2010 11:05 AM

Stonewall was a riot, not a tradeshow !

The Indianapolis Star has ONE story on Pride, and it's about the Bag Ladies, a fun group of guys whose record for donating to charity exceeds one million dollars. They deserve a good write-up, and it's on the front page of the local section.

The reporter must have pulled some favors to get that spot, because there is not ONE SINGLE MENTION of Pride in either of the two bifolds for entertainment and "what's happening this weekend" in Indy. I thought "GO" magazine—the Friday entertainment insert—surely would have a mention, but no. Their extra insert also scored a big fat zero, but it included other festivals and events running concurrently. Give me a royal break.

To add to that, notice that I'm the "serious" quote (although that has to be the most banal quote ever) used in the story and they mention me because of Bilerico Project. That's exactly what I'm talking about.

Two points on this subject:

-It bothers me that for our Pride celebration it just says Circel City IN Pride and not Indian apolis GLBT Pride Parade and Festival. It used to say something like that years ago, and I am not sure why it does not now. That is not being very proud it would seem.

-The Star did have a paragraph about IN Pride in the Go section last week and it does have a mention of it on the front page of the paper today in the blue section called an eventful weekend so I think we should point that out to be fair. The Go Section is very thin this week!

By the way Bil, I did vote for this site on the survey!

Re: Circle City Pride, etc - I think that happened a few years back when the original Pride organizing group fell apart because of inner turmoil. I forget what happened, but I remember that the publisher of the Word was involved.

Thanks for the update on the paper. I don't get the home edition any more so it's good to know that we at least made the highlighted block. DOes it say what Pride is?

Hey: I'll be at the Damien Center tent at the Pride Festival 2:00-7:00 Saturday. If you're around, come by and say hi!