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Radical Queers Reclaiming and Naming (and I'm in a Movie) and More

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As I mentioned in my last post, there is a ton of stuff happening at the National Queer Arts Festival in San Francisco this month, and radical queers (and others) across the country are gearing up to head to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference and US Social Forum in just over a week. In the midst of editing make/shift, preparing workshops and performances for the Detroit conferences, earning a living, and more, I'm so excited about heading to these Queer Arts Festival events next week.

Hilary Goldberg's recLAmation is part memoir, part political fantasy, part critique of capitalism, colonialism, and prisons. It's an experimental film shot on Super 8 and set in LA - which is one way of saying it's beautiful to look at. It's also an important political comment and vision. A narrator survives family violence and a stint in a mental institution, a city is colonized and gentrified, people and natural resources are exploited, a society puts people in cages and numbs itself to its wastes and violences, and then, at the eleventh hour, is that a crew of queer superheroes navigating a post-capitalist future in a prison-less world where vegetables sprout from cracked sidewalk? It is. (Full disclosure: As you can probably see in the images, I'm one of the queer superheroes.)


At a special NQAF screening on Tuesday night, Goldberg will perform the film's narration live. Watch the trailer here. And buy tickets here. If you're not in the Bay Area, know that excerpts from recLAmation will be presented at the Allied Media Conference and the US Social Forum in Detroit later this month as part of Makeshift Reclamation, a multimedia touring event showcasing new, grassroots feminist art and action.Beforewewere.jpg

I'm also excited to experience Before We Were Named, an innovative and interactive show that "promises to be playful, sexy, and bold." Created by Nico Dacumos and Cherry Galette (of Mangos with Chili), and featuring co-queer-superhero Irina Contreras (among many others), it explores queer and trans people of color origin stories -- "histories of violence, displacement, migration, revolt, and spirit." Get tickets here.

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Let me know when this is out in a format I can get my hands on (legal download, dvd, french indie cinema, although unlikely). I want to see Jessica Hoffmann in a movie!

Alex -- I'll have to ask the filmmaker to send you a review copy.


AWESOME! I'd write about it just to see it.