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Seen the new Sex and the City movie?

Filed By Alex Blaze | June 02, 2010 1:00 PM | comments

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I can't go out without seeing about 32 ads a minute for the new Sex and the City movie. And they're fairly obnoxious, so I doubt I'll fork over 10 euro to go see it. But Brian Safi did.

Have you seen it? Plan on it?

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A facebook friend of mine saw it and is pissed that she will never get that time back again. And I think she HAD to see it because she critiques films for someone.

I'm a big believer in the informative power of the "sucky trailer". Sucky trailers for commercial films are easily identifiable by their poor color correction and badly-mixed sound, grainy film stock with bad lighting, in the case of comedies— the big punchlines they've included are pathetic, the performers look rather tired and wizened and even the title graphics look cheap and unappealing. SATC2 has all of these and more. It will be available on Netflix in a few months and even then, I plan to get another another DVD at the same time because I know this film is, as the Scots put it so well, utter shyte.

I haven't seen the flick yet, but a couple of feminist friends of mine who have said they absolutely hated it.

I've been tempted only because it's playing for cheap ($5) at a theatre near me. But...I've read a lot of commentary from people I trust that makes me think I should probably save the money and watch the dvd instead.

I'd definitely have to see it before I make any more judgments/comments, but I'd only want to see it if I wanted to write about it...and yet, really, it looks like lots of critics/reviewers have covered a lot of the bases.

But then...who knows...maybe I'll find the one thing hundreds missed???

And I thought SAC 1 was meh - the usual materialist crap. I mean, not that there's anything wrong with lusting for shoes, but come one, as one critic pointed out - she decides to marry Big because he built a big-enough CLOSET for her? That's the deal-maker? Point being: based on the the first, the second gives me less hope. Still, I'm fascinated by all the over-the-top Orientalism I see in the publicity shots and I might still see it.

Or maybe I'll keep my $5 for the next new flick (the theatre's one of those cheap first-run venues)...

This is why I don't go to the movies.