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The 10 Best Lady Gaga Remake Videos

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Since Lady Gaga became pop's newest princess, the remakes and parodies of her videos and songs hasn't stopped. It seems when you're not claiming Lady Gaga is an Illuminati puppet, you're all out making your very own videos hoping for YouTube gold.

Whether it's piano recitals, group gatherings or professionally done productions, these are the ten best Lady Gaga remakes to go viral on the web. You're not a true little monster until you've seen them all.

10. 6th Grade Student Performs Paparazzi

Greyson Chance's 6th grade piano recital became a YouTube sensation when this video of the pre-teen swept the nation. Next year look for Greyson to cover Ke$ha's Tik Tok on a xylophone made of whiskey bottles.

9. Rakesh Satyal Accepts A Lambda Literary Award

When Rakesh Satyal accepted the Gay Debut Fiction Award at the Lammies for his novel Blue Boy, he gave one of the all time gayest speeches in the history of homodom. Gaga would have dinged him for not wearing a better outfit (crazier pants maybe?), but the creativity earned him a spot in our top 10.

8. When Do We Get A Reality Show Contestant?

Right now, of course! Check out this young girl from some other country do a hot-to-trot version of Gaga's Bad Romance - complete with some hip shakes that would make a 40 year old whore blush.

7. Shirtless Gay Cowboys Bring the Butch

Well, maybe not so much on the butch, but they definitely bring some Texas Two Step attitude. The DC Cowboys country line dancing troupe took to the stage to bring a little bit of Gaga to the capital's pride parade.

6. Telephone Is A Classic

Australian group Aston covered Gaga's Telephone for Channel 7's "The Matty Johns Show," and Americans sat up and paid attention. This is remarkable since most of us are usually snoozing at the sight of anything more than a guitar and a saxophone

5. Westboro Baptist Hates Lady Gaga

What top ten list of twisted imitations of cultural phenomena wouldn't be complete without Westboro Baptist Church? The "God Hates Fags" group has been parodying religious beliefs for over a decade as they protest outside of celebrities and soldiers' funerals. This time the group takes on Lady Gaga's Poker Face in a desperate attempt to seem relevant.

4. Old Lady Gaga

When Broadway star Jackie Hoffman turns her zany eye to Gaga's Alejandro video, you get Old Lady Gaga with her crew of hot dancers that features some of the biggest names from the Great White Way including Nick Adams, David Hull, Michael Mindlin, Brian Patrick Murphy, Constantine Rousouli, and Brian Spitulnik.

3. You Ain't Done It Till You've Done It Acappella

At the 9th Annual West Coast Acappella Showcase, UC Berkeley's Noteworthy performed a little acappella Lady Gaga. Over 2 million views later, this is still one of the all-time best remakes of the Lady's songs. The little Asian queen is a natural at ass smacking.

2. With Chat Roulette You Don't Need a Telephone

Steve Kardynal's ode to Chat Roulette has to be one of the most original Gaga parodies. Not only does he manage to combine the popular website known for pervy old men showing off their wangs and Gaga's hit song Telephone, he gets some of the best reactions from viewers as he struts his stuff on the screen.

1. Gaga Goes to Afghanistan

What happens when you give straight hot-blooded US soldiers some downtime? Why, they don yellow duct tape outfits, steal some gay dance moves, and create a parody that gets over 5 million views in less than a week. If the whole production isn't queer enough for you yet, apparently Aaron Melcher, the adorable redhead who stars in the video, has two lesbian moms.

BONUS: Lady Gaga's Inspiration

As an extra bonus, here's a video to show you what Gaga uses as inspiration for her outfits. Japanese anime never looked so hot!

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Could've done without the Westboro one or the little girl. Could've definitely used Lucas Silvera's (of The Cliks) YT covers of Pokerface and Bad Romance.

I think Gaga could do some awesome collabs.

How did you miss the Oregon college guys a capella "Bad Romance"? :)

My favorite Gaga remake is whenever @Bilerico, @Dmcrawford or @jerame tweet "the math of Gaga."