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5 random things that rumble through my mind

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One of the things I love most about Facebook is that I don't have to keep everything so narrowly focused on LGBT issues like I do on Bilerico Project. TBP's focus is LGBT news and culture; my Facebook profile highlights the random things that rumble through my mind.

Since I have plenty of other opinions and a rather wry personality, I thought I'd share five of them here in a roundup. We'll see if any of you think the same way I do or see the same humor in things.

5. An Oil Spill Cover Up?

Mother Jones has a blog post up alleging a cover up between BP and the United State government about what the future looks like. They say that the "gusher is unstoppable now."

They raise the specter of the well collapsing under it's own weight and say everyone is covering up other leaks that have sprung deeper in the underground pipes. They estimate that "the very least damaging outcome as bad as it is, is that we are stuck with a wide open gusher blowing out 150,000 barrels a day of raw oil or more."

Clip and more after the jump.

All the actions and few tid bits of information all lead to one inescapable conclusion. The well pipes below the sea floor are broken and leaking... [The failure of Top Kill] was a major confirmation of what many feared. That the system below the sea floor has serious failures of varying magnitude in the complicated chain, and it is breaking down and it will continue to.

What does this mean?

It means they will never cap the gusher after the wellhead. They cannot...the more they try and restrict the oil gushing out the bop?...the more it will transfer to the leaks below. Just like a leaky garden hose with a nozzle on it. When you open up the nozzle? doesn't leak so bad, you close the nozzle? leaks real bad, same dynamics.

Sadly, I see this as a very real possibility. When it comes to this oil spill, I don't trust either BP or the feds.

4. For the Love of Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris asked me to watch the trailer for the upcoming Smurf's movie or I probably would have skipped it. My older sister was obsessed with the little blue creatures and had dozens of these little plastic statues of them.

3. Not Coming Home to Indiana

No matter how many times they hear it, Indiana Democratic Party leaders keep refusing to believe that progressive values are good for the state. Instead, they go so far as to encourage candidates to stay far away from LGBT issues - including last weekend's Pride festival.

So why is Indianapolis losing scads of people to more progressive areas of the country according to Forbes magazine? Three of the areas getting the biggest influx of Hoosiers - all with salaries over $45,000 a year? Austin, Texas, Los Angeles, California, and Seattle, Washington. All three locales protect LGBT residents from discrimination, regularly engage the LGBT community, and Seattle and Los Angeles both recognize same-sex relationships.


Where are the people coming from when they move to Indianapolis? More rural and conservative areas of the state.

Nothing to see here, people. Move along.

2. Congressional Softball

Yesterday, several female Congressmembers played press members in a game of women's softball to benefit breast cancer research. The Congresswomen lost.

They let the members play the bottom of the seventh (of a seven-inning game) even though technically they couldn't have tied the game without also invoking the mercy rule they use, which says a team can't score more than five runs in an inning.

Star players on the losing congressional team in the second annual congressional women's softball game were pitcher Kirsten Gillibrand, slugger Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Jean Schmidt, and Linda Sanchez.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Yankee fan justice Sonia Sotomayor, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), and other fans were in the stands.

It's a shame Elena Kagan hasn't been confirmed to the Supreme Court yet. If the Supreme Court can install a President in the White House, surely Congresswomen can put a Supreme Court justice on a softball team.

1. You Don't Need to Read Any Further

I started to read this article on my iPhone and only the first two paragraphs fit on the screen. The headline really piqued my attention - "Colo. man went on solo mission to kill bin Laden," but I think these two paragraphs are pure genius. They tell you everything you need to know about this story without having to go any further.

An American construction worker has been detained in the mountains of Pakistan after authorities there found him carrying a sword, pistol and night-vision goggles on a solo mission to hunt down and kill Osama bin Laden.

Catching bin Laden was Gary Brooks Faulkner's "passion," his brother said, noting that the 50-year-old has been to Pakistan at least six times, learned some of the local language and even grew a long beard to blend in. Relatives and acquaintances said Faulkner is a devout, good-humored Christian who requires dialysis and did time in prison years ago.

The story is actually rather long, but in a situation like this you can't help but try and explain just what the hell is going on. Bottomline: No one really knows, but his family supports him.

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I dont care how cute Neil is. THE SMURF MOVIE?? Lord help us all.

The oil spill? Wouldnt surprise me that all the outrage we've seen in DC over this has been high faux.

And the assassin story has Big Time Movie written all over it. I bet the family gets inundated with offers.

What happened to that GetEQUAL thing?

People are leaving Indiana? I can't imagine why. Obviously they ought to build a bigger football stadium, scold children and teens for ruining everyone's lives more often, and ban same-sex marriage in the constitution.