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Troy Walker, Whatever: 80's trans performer

Filed By Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | June 08, 2010 4:30 PM | comments

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Arguably, one of the odder ads I've come across. Do any of my fine friends recognize this fashion plate?


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I don't know where the fashion plate is from but here is a link to a good 1999 article about Troy.

I knew Troy, personally, as a child. He was a friend of my mom's and aunt's. We knew him because he worked at the same club that my mom and aunt had been mud wrestlers at. I was going through some boxes today and I found a autographed picture of Troy that he had given me when I was a little girl and it made me think about him. I wanted to see what I could find online, info about him now. I can tell you what I remember about him. He was the sweetest person. He so giving and loving and I remember playing board games and how he would help me with my gymnastics and when mom had to work and I was home from school sick, he was the best "nurse" you could ask for..he would sing to me and his voice was beautiful...He is one person I wish my mother had kept in contact with.

Richard Ross | November 14, 2010 4:00 PM

Troy recently started performing again. He's been appearing at Viva Fresh Cantina in Burbank. I believe his next show is Saturday, December 4.

Gloria Brame | June 8, 2010 9:35 PM

Deena, thanks! Fantastic article, really enjoyed reading about him.


Yes indeed; thanks Gloria, Deena... Fascinating character, and now it begs the question: Whatever happened to him? Is he dead or alive? BTW; I just bought a sealed album of his on Ebay ($20) and the album cover pictures him pre-drag. 'Whatever'; I'm amazed I (we?) haven't heard of him before. He sounds like a true groundbreaker.

You'll have to put some of the songs online so we can feature them, Jim!

I wonder what falls under the "whatever" category.

I have of late been reading a lot about Troy Walker on the internet. I have read some things that were really distasteful considering they have never even seen him perform. If you do get the chance to see him, do it! Troy was always the entertainers entertainer, meaning that stars came out at night to see Troy perform. He is the best singer I have ever heard and I have heard a lot. Of course we have all gotten older but that voice was so incredible that you at times just sit there amazed that a person could have that range and make it perfect. I have yet to see a singer on American Idol that could even compare to that voice. Not only that but if you get to know him he is a great guy and very funny. I am a better person because of Troy Walker!

Nice to see Troy Walker mentioned, even if many of the comments are based on assumptions. This week I've uploaded an hour-long interview with him, so you can hear him tell his own story. At..

JD Doyle

I wonder if Troy ever looks at these blogs??? Does he even go on a computer?? I knew Troy Walker and his band from The Brass Ring in Sherman Oaks California 1973 + I was a cocktail waitress back then, we would hang together during the day he even took me to Magic Mountain which was brand new. I was only 19 but had a fake id to work. It was all so new to me but Tory was so sweet always said don't worry. I ran into him in 1979 my girlfriend took me to his apartment he was getting ready for a show I hadn't seen him in a long time I walk into the bathroom and he just looked at me we talked in private for a few and I left. My life had change I was not in his world anymore. That was the last time I saw him. I wish him a very happy live with love.

TROY WALKER will be interviewed live on IMRU Radio Magazine this Monday Night (Sept 13, 2010) 7-8pm on KPFK 90.7 FM.

Troy performed last night at Viva Fresh in Burbank CA. I really enjoyed his show! He plans to appear there on alternate Wednesdays for a while.

Dan McDowell | November 30, 2010 4:47 PM

I hope someone see's this that can get a meesage to Troy. I'm actually his God Son. I would like to get in touch with him . My e mail address is on this so please let him know.

i saw troy at the village country western bar in vallejo, ca in late 70's. he made at least 2 appearances there and i fell in love with him and his voice. when i moved down to so. cal. where i live now, i saw him at the palomino club in early 80's. glad to see he's singing, i will go and check him out. beautiful voice!

Troy, if you read this I am so happy to hear you are performing again. You are a great performer and anyone who has never seen your show needs to as it is a uplifting experience. You know about my best friend and your "son" Mark. God bless his soul.

Troy is indeed performing again as I am listening to him at Viva Cantina with Cody Bryant 1/1/11 at 1:00AM!

jo ellen S. | January 21, 2011 1:35 AM

Yes, Troy is fab. He will be at viva cantana, Burbank 1st. & 3rd. wed. in Feb.2011 after 9:30 p.m.-no cover. He sings continuous songs, some x-rated lyrics (his own) for about an hour. he;s a real hoot and great entertainer.

It was early 1959. I was barely 17 playing 6 nights a week at the La Jolla Club in Tucson. Two men were sitting at a booth and the younger one asked to sit in. I had and have never witnessed anything like it. Besides having an electrifying voice, he had command of the stage like no one I had ever seen. Perhaps the closest of any I had worked with was Jackie Wilson. I remember he sang "You Better Leave My Kitten Alone." 51 years later, I still have chills remembering that night. After closing, we sat at a booth. The older man, Troy introduced as his "Daddy", and I believe he was. I recall Troy showed him the utmost respect. They talked about just completing an engagement at the Showboat Hotel in Las Vegas, with a girl singer named Timi Yuro. The act was "Timi & Troy." I didn't see Troy until around 1978 or so, when I did a charity gig at the Palomino. He was performing after I was on. I wanted to stop and say hello but after his set they had a raffle and my crazy, drunken ex-wife was bidding on a poodle puppy. I didn't get to talk to Troy because I was busy loading her cute little Scotch soaked ass in the car. Can't say now who was stronger; Troy Walker or Jackie Wilson. But that damn dog cost me 800 bucks.

hi from skip
remember that nite in texas now give my best to troy and have him e mail me


Little orphan orange - twins

LadyShalene | April 17, 2011 7:53 PM

Troy hit bad times with bad karma in the 2000s ... he was evicted from his apartment in the Highland Towers, in Hollywood. Drugs pretty much destroyed him ... pity too ... he had more than just talent ... he had the "IT" factor, but misused it. We were "on again, off again" freinds for decades ... mainly due to the types of people he surrounded himself with ... druggies. I always wish him well ... but I just could not allow myself to be dragged down that far. Unfortunately, Troy has never been into computers, so he has no idea that there are people out there that still remember him, and want to know how he is doing. So, for Troy, I will say ... God Bless you all for still caring!

This is May 2011; someone please tell me where Troy Walker is singing. I'd love to see him in Palm Springs.

You can find all the latest information on Troy at his new Facebook page He doesn't post on the page directly, but he does provide updates and will receive messages. He has been performing at Cantina Fresh in Burbank on most Wednesdays, and some of the members from Flipside even sat in with Cody Bryant last week for a great show.

The whole evolution of this thread gives a weary sex historian huge joy!!!!! YAY TROY!!!!!