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Videos: Larry Craig, Charles Djou, and Bill O'Reilly

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Here are a few videos I wanted to put up here but don't have much to say on.

First, here's The Daily Show interviewing Evan Bayh and Larry Craig. Good to see Larry Craig is still doing well and has his sense of humor - now that his politics can't affect anything it's easier to take him as he is. Bayh, on the other hand, is still being a weasely little douche by saying he's leaving the Senate because of gridlock... the gridlock he was a leader in creating.

Rep Charles Djou explains why he voted for the DADT deal. I think this is the first pol I've seen use my argument against DADT, so hell yeah I'll say Djou reads Bilerico. And it's a fine argument if ever there was one - the sanctity of being discharged must be protected from people who want to abuse it for their personal gain. The minute people start to like being treated like a homo is the minute they need to be stopped.

Finally, here's Bill O'Reilly on that French, gay McDonald's ad. I actually go to McDonald's more here in France than I've ever gone in the US, since they're the only place in the neighborhood I work in that has wifi (plus their employees don't seem to care all that much if you don't buy anything and use it, which is very not-France). Apparently being gay is like being al-Qaeda to him, and I don't even want to know his formulation.

But he's right that the ad wouldn't be shown in the US. People are about as homophobic here as Americans are, that's not the issue, but the people who aren't tend to care a whole lot less what homophobes think about them. They could run that ad in limited markets in the US, but then there'd be a Bill O'Reilly there to excoriate them and a marketing veep would care for some reason (like people who still eat the poison they serve in that restaurant are really going to care about an ad like that).

More disturbing is that I see children in there at noon, taking advantage of the fact that lots of schools have open campuses and going to eat overpriced junk food. Maybe someone could complain that this ad is directed at minors, who shouldn't be encouraged to get addicted to McDonald's food? Eh... doubt anyone cares about that. Look, homos!

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