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WTF?: Chicago Blackhawks win Stanley with gay slur

Filed By Bil Browning | June 14, 2010 5:00 PM | comments

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I'm not a big sports fan but I loooove to attend hockey games (which is odd because I also hate the cold!). One of my favorite memories with Jerame was the time the Indianapolis Star gave me tickets to watch an Indianapolis Ice game from their suite at Conseco Fieldhouse. chicago-trib.jpgWe had a blast.

If you followed this year's Stanley Cup, you might have seen the sexist/homophobic/transphobic/just-generally-wrong poster that the Chicago Tribune ran to support the local team in the playoffs. The ad taunted Philadelphia Flyers player Chris Pronger by photoshopping his head and torso onto the waist and legs of a female figure skater. The ad calls him "Chrissy Pronger" with the tagline "Looks like Tarzan. Skates like Jane."

Of course there was outrage and gnashing of teeth from women and gays and lots of macho giggles and grins from hockey fans and jocks. The general consensus seemed to be that the poster wasn't homophobic as much as it was sexist. Stand down, gays.

That is, until the Blackhawks won the Stanley and Getty Images snapped a photo. It's after the jump.


Noooooo. The poster wasn't homophobic at all was it? It didn't give "permission" to insinuate about Pronger's sexuality at all. So what if "is gay" is written in red and circled next to Pronger's name on that whiteboard in the background.

Stop being so sensitive. Faggots.

(Cropped "Pronger is gay" photo courtesy of AfterElton)

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You wrote:
"The general consensus seemed to be that the poster wasn't homophobic as much as it was sexist. Stand down, gays."

Your paraphrase and not your words, I know, but it doesn't help build bridges and alliances when we adopt this kind of attitude.

Personally, the ad appears to me sort of geared to engage any and every prejudice it can. I wouldn't be quick to think that anyone got a pass.

(Incidentally, if you're wondering about Pronger, given the mess(es?) he got himself into before he left Edmonton, he's either straight or bi at best.)

Ah, the ever classy Tribune.

Of course, had it been photoshopped onto, say, a black basketball player's hips and legs, with something suggesting he "shuffles down the ice", you can rest assured that the Mayor himself would have decried it.

But here? Hey, it's just a harmless little joke. Snicker, snicker.

BTW: check the letters to the editor at the Trib. A *lot* of people were upset about this, and the Trib had to apologize for running it. A rather weenie apology, but at least it was something...

Nice, Bil, but sorry...all I saw was the uber-hot bearded guy carrying - I presume - the Stanley Cup in those beefy arms. Homophobic or not, he's G*d damn beautiful!

Oh please. He's cute, but he's pretty much standard issue, nothing spectacular. Now the borderling psychotic behind him... yowza!


I hope that my friends in Chicago push the Trib and the Hawks on this. It would be nice to get in with the Hawks and have a conversation about this with them.

OMG, must every small slight be an issue? Pronger is a bruiser and the newspaper was playing up the rivalry between him and Byfuglien, get over it move on, feel upset if you would like, but geeeeesh, don't waste column space on a non-story.

I mean really, this sort of sh__ makes my head feel like it is going to explode.

We have troops dying in two imperialistic wars, the FEDERAL RESERVE is printing us into bankruptcy, debates on DADT rage on in the backrooms of Congress, and this is what gets attention on Bilerico?

Seriously, WTF.

For the love of god, at least enjoy the irony that the Blackhawks goal song "Chelsea Dagger" is about a transsexual prostitute, yet is celebrated as the greatest song in Chicago.

Do-dodo -do doo doo doo dooo do doo

Go Blackhawks, and Pronger is a bastard.

I don't get it. Is "skates like Jane" an insult?

dumbledork | June 15, 2010 4:42 PM

Kind of. Pronger is quite gifted on his skates and moves quite gracefully, especially for a big man. It's a bit of a back-handed compliment. The "100% Chance we'll change our minds if the Hawks sign him" part of the poster makes it pretty clear.

Casey Robinson | June 16, 2010 1:47 PM

Yes Alex,
Saying he skates like Jane, when showing a picture of figure skater legs says he skates daintly, not rough, like you should in hockey. They are calling him soft, and a girl, and a "pussy".

jami_bantry jami_bantry | June 15, 2010 10:55 PM

Wow.. maybe he is not Gay.

Maybe, he is Trans, and the Tribune outed him, surreptitiously.


I am not a hockey fan, but I am a Chicagoan.

Maybe, if the Hawks do sign up Pronger, I will get to meet him at one of the local Trans socials. Maybe he might even wear that skirt and tights.

I can't wait. :-D

After all, "we're everywhere, we're everywhere!" Many, just behind that closet door.

Maybe the Trib reporter found panties in Pronger's locker. "Oh, those belong to my GF."

Uh huh

Sorry, my sarcasm emerges again. ;-)

Yes, there is a lot more important crap going on in the world, but the public sees, and latches onto, the "funny weird" stuff, and remembers it the next time they encounter someone who is "not like them."

"Yaa... you are just like that limp-wrist panty-waist Pronger."