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Florida GOP AG Candidate Jeff Kottkamp: Gays Shouldn't Adopt

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In a video interview with the Sun Sentinel editorial board, Republican Attorney General candidate Jeff Kottkamp says he fully supports Florida's ban on gays and lesbians adopting. Kottkamp is the current Lieutenant Governor under Charlie Crist.

Jeff.jpgHe goes on to talk about the Rekers' Rentboy Scandal (he's "won't be critical" of current AG and Florida Gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum's decision to hire him for over $120,000 as an "expert" anti-gay witness). Kottkamp also tries to make up fictitious "data" saying that "kids are better with a mom and a dad, not gays", yet couldn't recall any specific studies or real data points. Perhaps that's because all the data shows that kids raised by gay and lesbian parents are just as healthy as kids raised by heterosexual ones... But why let facts get in the way.

And all those kids that are in the system that need adopting? They are fine just where they are because "increasing the potential number of adoptive parents doesn't necessarily mean more kids who need homes would be adopted."

Stay classy, Kottkamp...

Watch the interview after the jump.

Kottkamp is running against whichever democrat wins the primary, either Dave Aronberg or Dan Gelber, both of whom support lifting the ban on adoption as soon as possible.

225px-LtGov_jeff_kottkamp2.jpgIt's funny how Kottkamp's website loudly proclaims "Family, Faith, Freedom", when his true values are anything but. Denying children families and homes because of his own personal bias does not fit into any of those three talking points from his campaign. The freedom to create healthy, loving families for these kids should be the most important thing, not whipping up anti-gay animus to get votes. As a someone who lived in Florida and was a foster parent, I can tell you from personal experience that these kids need homes and the broken system needs all the good parents they can get, gay and straight.

Florida has had enough. The children in foster care who need homes have had enough. The gay and lesbian parents who are willing to open their homes and lives to kids in need have had enough. Kottkamp can wrap himself his "true social conservative" and religious shroud to cover his own biases and get a few votes, but the his views speak for themselves and show his true core values: close-mindedness and bigotry.

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>> "And all those kids that are in the system that need adopting? They are fine just where they are because "increasing the potential number of adoptive parents doesn't necessarily mean more kids who need homes would be adopted.""

Wha -- ????

Wow, someone is using their college yearbook picture on their campaign website.


Is this even the same guy?

Just called the Lt. Governor's office and asked them to get back to me on just what data the Lt. Governor is citing here.

I explained to the very nice lady in his office that if he could make stuff up about me, then he could expect a forthcoming story from me about the long term relationship we'd been having...and it would be jsut as true as the things he was saying.

I've been thinking...always a dangerous thing. I'm not an attorney (nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn last night), and don't know precisely what constitutes defamation and/or libel, but I would love to hear from some attorney.

What is the possibility of starting to take some of these public officials to court for defamation. I read the definitions on Wikepedia (I know, but it was the best I could do on short notice), and it appears that many of the reuqired elements might be there.

Wouldn't that be fun? They'd have to try to mount a defense proving that what they said was actually true. George Rekkers could make a fortune.