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Indian university lets students choose M, F, and TG

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Last year I posted about India allowing people to choose "Other" on voter bangalore-university.jpgregistration when it comes to gender and Pakistan legally recognizing hijra as a third sex. Now Bangalore University will allow students to apply as "TG" for transgender, and reserve a seat in post-graduate courses for TG students:

The varsity's academic council meeting on Monday unanimously approved the proposals of opening admissions to transgenders to PG courses and to reserve seats for them. This makes Bangalore University the first in India to open admissions as well as fix reservation for transgenders.

It in fact is already gearing up to make adjustments to accommodate its new students.

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The university has changed the application format. From this year, apart from the 'Male' and 'Female' categories, the application form will have a 'TG' (Transgender) option.

"The transgender quota is not a transferable one. Even if the reserved seats are not filled, others cannot fill it. This reservation is meant only for transgenders, and it is not beyond rules and regulations," said N Prabhu Dev, vice-chancellor, Bangalore University.

I like how the affirmatively helping hand is reached out right along with recognition. Here in America, even the abstract idea that people who have faced centuries of oppression should be helped is scapegoated as the reason everyone else has less, even by leaders of the ostensible party of the people.

While I won't judge how other countries organize themselves around gender, but what do people think about a system like this in the US? As a good liberal arts college student, of course I believe that gender markers should just be done away with at universities. But if they're going to try to deal with anti-trans discrimination, having a box for transgender people to check that can be checked along with another box doesn't seem like a bad idea.

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It depends on whether it is an option or a requirement. If all people who have transitioned from one gender to another are required to fill out trans under their gender, then the university is forcing people to out themselves who may not want to do that and who may no longer even identify as trans. If it is an option that trans students can check, but it is not required, then it is great.

Another thing ---- be very careful about how this information is shared. In the US, it is still quite common for insurance companies to discriminate against trans people. If the university shares the student list with the gender marker with the student health plan, then trans students will get second rate care at best.

I never really do care for these initiatives because I instantly feel third-gendered. And I'm... um... not. Trans womon does not mean that my gender is trans. My history is. The ways in which I learned to be a womon are something of a shared experience with other trans womyn, but I have far less in common, genderwise, with a trans man than I do a cis womon.

Most trans men and womyn want to be identified as men and womyn respectively. Not as 'transgender,' regardless of how much pride we may have about our histories (and I am proud of being trans.)

Suvi-Tuuli Allan | July 28, 2010 4:23 AM

I'm not "a transgender", I'm a woman of transsexual background. kthxbye!

I think those of us in the US and Europe need to realize that the Hijra is India and Pakistan see this as an advancement in their local movement.

Lets not colonize non-western cultures and have our delicate sensibilities ruffled as if our concepts of gender and even sexuality are or should be universal.

Some Hijra fully identify as women in the most binary ways. Some Hijra define themselves in 3rd-gender language. Indian and Pakistani culture traditionally held a position for Hijra that variously lampooned or embraced them - but always acknowledged them. It was European colonialism that made Hijra and queer sexualities crimes and taboo. We have no business turning around and colonizing the Indian and Pakistani Hijra movement.

i want to stady in india but i dont know how to apply in a indian university. already jkli have finishd my diploma in engineering in electrical technology in rang pur polytechnic institute. where can i get information about this. And where should i go to knowing about this. please informe me.....