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It's not gay if you do it for money

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"Simon was so insulting. But it wasn't just him. Ant and Dec said I loved dressing up as a woman as if I liked doing it all the time.

I'm a female impersonator, that's what I put on my application. It's my niche, I'm not gay or a transvestite. Even one of the producers said, 'Are you gay? You must be.' My relatives think I'm a cross-dresser now, some sort of tranny.

I've been married since 1977 and I have a daughter. I'm as straight as you can get."

--Britain's Got Talent contestant and Kylie/Madonna impersonator Philip Grimmer who's thinking of suing the show for defamation

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As Popye used to say "I am What I am" If you are a female impersonator then you are a female impersonator! People just try to classify others beacuse they can not wrap thier own brains around what people are saying they are! For example Kylie/Madonna impersonator Philip Grimmer says that he is a female impersonator! That does not say he is Gay, Bi, Trans. or anything else!

I think the point here is that the contestant is suing for defamation--as if being thought of as gay, or a transvestite is a horrible, nasty thing. Shame on him.

Lee Sonoflaw | August 1, 2010 9:25 PM

There have always been "straight" cross dressers in entertainment. I personaly knew entertainers who were married, had children, and NOT interested in sex with men as far back as the 1960s. I also know that female impersonation has been a respected part of the theater for at least 3,000 years. And I figure most of these men were NOT GAY !