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Judge says no to discrimination in Arizona

Filed By Alex Blaze | July 26, 2010 12:00 PM | comments

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The state legislature and the governor of Arizona decided last year that the state's budgetary shortfall john-sedwick.jpgcould be solved by cutting domestic partner benefits for state employees. Since they don't cost more than benefits for married employees, it only makes sense to only cut those if you're just looking for a way to punish gay employees.

A federal judge agreed:

"Contrary to the state's suggestion, it is not equitable to lay the burden of the state budgetary shortfall on homosexual employees, any more than on any other distinct class, such as employees with green eyes or red hair," Sedwick wrote in his 33-page ruling.

There goes that idea. I guess Gov. Jan Brewer is going to have to find another excuse to cut off health care to people.

But I wonder how many of these "It's not OK to start a new form of discrimination against LGBT people" decisions it'll take before we start seeing "Long-standing, accepted forms of discrimination are wrong."

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