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(Not So) Little Genevieve

Filed By Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | July 12, 2010 9:30 AM | comments

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Tags: female impersonator, trans performers

A former trumpet player turned radio star of the 1940s, the portly (250 lb.) Ted Morse played the role of Little Genevieve, a cry-baby, on a show broadcast out of Chicago called the National Barn Dance. His is an autobiography I would be most curious to read.

Picture of Little Genevieve and a clip from a magazine after the jump.


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I'm not too sure what Little Genevieve is about, unless it's a personal nickname (not a name meant to represent someone else, like Elvis impersonations, who, for the time of their interpretations, take the existing name as their own).

I figure by the outfit that it is ageplay.

Ageplay is a form of roleplay that occurs a lot more within BDSM contexts (though that doesn't mean it doesn't occur only or mostly at home, just that the context of exploring it is usually presented as part of BDSM, a part of submission).

Usually has to do with being someone younger (any age really), though those who attract any attention are roleplaying as children pre-puberty (anything below 10).

It can be sexual, but not necessarily, it can be something for comfort, it can be about reliving childhood free of trauma, it can be about being humiliated...

One thing it's not is interest in children, or anything to do with pedophilia.

You might find some people (like the DSM) rating it as a 20 males for 1 female, but that's absurd. At worst it's 3 or 4 males for 1 female. Not sure how they count trans people in those statistics. Trans people seem to be somewhat over-represented in ageplay compared to the general population, probably having to do with being forced to live a childhood that felt wrong.

I'd be interested to hear one of the radio shows now!