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Officer Down! It was 9 years ago yesterday...

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The death of two Tampa police officers conjures the painful memory of Officer Lois Marrero, killed in the line of duty in July 6th, 2001.

Her partner of 10 years, Mickie Mashburn, was denied benefits that would properly be provided a spouse. Here's a picture. And here's to all law enforcement officers who protect the community, even when that community fails to protect your family.

Lois Marrero, left; Mickie Mashburn, right

After the jump, a powerful video of the life and passing of Officer Lois Marrero, "Losing Lois."

Losing Lois (17:52)

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Regan DuCasse | July 8, 2010 2:36 PM

What was an example of why marriage would have benefited the state and so on.
Officer Marerro's pension went to her FATHER, who'd never raised her and who she hadn't seen since she was a child. And who lived in Puerto Rico.

When any dumbass asks about the blood kinship standards that marriage trumps, this is it.
The state had TWO officers that had served in that state, paid the taxes into it, and who would less likely have to DRAW from public welfare, if their pensions were inheritable from legal marriage to each other.

This is also the state that awarded custody of an adolescent child to her biological father (a convicted murderer of his first wife) FROM her lesbian mother and her partner, the only parents this child had ever known.
The spite factor of Florida is incredible.
Because no one with any rational sense could possibly say that there are any DESERVED benefits that went to the straight folks in either of these cases.

Nadine Smith Nadine Smith | July 8, 2010 2:45 PM

The spite factor is incredible whether it is the denial of spouses and partners or the adoption ban that literally tears children away from their families.
Thanks for providing even more detail of this injustice.