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Our Fourth of July Bilerico

Filed By Bil Browning | July 04, 2010 8:00 AM | comments

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It's Independence Day and Alex, Jill and I have all gone on holiday. While we're away, we're naming Aiko, the transgender waiter with serious attitude, as today's Bilerico. Be good. This Canadian has expectations.


Consider this your open thread to talk about whatever you'd like.

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Seriously? We can prepare whatever we want in the kitchen but it has to be without a mess? Just what kind of a kitchen is that?

The kind where you clean up after yourself. :-)

was that gorillaz i saw sitting at the next booth?

Either that or the Beach Boys.

I think I'll bake some revolution cobbler in remembrance of 1776.


One large package of votes for keeping house Democrats in control

Several fresh picked Senators preferably Democrats

One defeat of Pelosi shaken thoroughly

2 shakes of defeat Barney

Sufficient dough to cover the dish thickly

To prepare...Stir cobbler filling until mixed well, pour in deep pan or bowl, top with plenty of dough and bake on high heat until done. Remove from oven and let sit until inauguration. Serve topped with favorite flavors of ice cream for added zest.

I suppose everyone has heard the term, "there is a substantial penalty for early withdraw" I suspect that so too is the warning in regard to leaving the "kitchen" a mess. The kitchen I take it to mean this thread on this entry. I hope that everyone has had a good 4th and I further hope that those returning from their travels have a safe journey in doing so.

"there is a substantial penalty for early withdraw"

Now that is the Bilerico spirit! :)

Big thanks to Sean for inking such a great panel especially for us to use on the holiday. Plus, he also kept up with the comments! Much appreciated, sir.

Now I gotta go. Aiko is forcing me to go do dishes that Deena left behind when she made her cobbler.

Wendell Cochran | July 5, 2010 1:52 PM

Mark Spitz as a wall poster is so retro.

As long as it's not kitch. Or maybe as long as it is.