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Pervers/Cité: Montreal's answer to boring corporate pride events

Filed By R Conrad | July 24, 2010 12:00 PM | comments

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Montreal queer and trans activists have announced this year's schedule of events for the community based, collaboratively organized annual pride celebration Percers/Cité. pd.jpgTaking place from August 5th to 15th, the festival offers up a little bit of everything that the city's official pride event Diverse/Cité doesn't: historical walking tours, inter-generational mixed gendered kink sex parties, dance parties that don't play house music exclusively, fun workshops like wig maintenance & pasties on a budget, and important community discussions like the one hosted by the Prisoner Correspondence Project about the growing criminalization of HIV exposure/transmission.

In their own words:

Pervers/Cité is a collaboratively organized summer festival that aims to make links across social justice groups, queer communities, and radical visions of pride. In a climate of corporatized gay agendas and whitewashed homogeneity amongst queers, Pervers/cité strives to provide a critical and accessible schedule of activities, designed to bring back the radical underpinnings to the pride movement.

As other large pride events render themselves irrelevant by massively corporatizing, de-politicizing and de-sexing themselves, one can only hope that more community based pride celebrations like this will continue to pop up around the world.

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Well, intergenerational multigendered sex parties, that's respectable.

Nothing says progress and legitimacy like inclusive orgies.


Um, Gridlock, the festival's titled Pervers/Cité. With a name like that, it's safe to assume they're not looking for respectability, "progress" (in the conventional sense), or legitimacy.

And yay for tacky!

Sounds like the kind of event I could actually have fun and learn something at. I hope I can find an event like this I can actually attend.