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Speedo Student Gets Probation: The Corbett Harper Story

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We first discovered Corbett Harper when The Huffington Post ran an article in March discussing how his exhibitionism of taking pictures of himself in a Speedo in university classrooms was causing a "ruckus" on campus. corbett3.jpgThe original comprehensive article ran on Queerty and gave an in depth look into the incidents on the The University of Hawaii campus and how Tim, Corbett Harper, was defending his actions identifying them as art. The article also discussed his X-Tube videos and his blog, Hawaii Speedo Student, a comprehensive look, with commentary and pictures of Corbett in his uniform Speedo, chronicling his life since he came out.

So began our search for "who is Corbett Harper?" We used all of our investigative tools and read reviews, finding that he had recently entered the world of adult film. But we only found a few small pieces where Corbett actually shared his side of the story. We contacted him and he immediately responded saying he would be glad to do the interview. What we found was interesting...adorable and fascinating, yes, but also intellectual, intelligent and politically minded. Maybe the face of the next generation of gay porn stars? Who knows...

1. What is Speedo Student and how did you come up with the idea for the blog?

corbett9.jpgThe "Speedo Student" title for the blog was taken from a couple of the different user names I used on gay websites. Simply enough, I made it up to reference my fascination with Speedos, since I was getting to wear them a lot more often after moving to Hawaii, and my status as a college student. The blog was created after I decided I wanted to do much more in the way of erotic photos and videos, but didn't have anywhere to put them. Most sites limit how many pictures you can post, and I wanted a permanent archive. I also thought having the blog there would provide some motivation for me to come up with new material. Additionally, I realized there wasn't much adult material out there that involved Speedos, or featured young, swimmer-type guys wearing them, so the blog was also aimed at doing something to make up that deficiency.

2. What was the University of Hawaii's response to your blog and the pictures on the blog?

From what I heard, students had been complaining to the administration ever since I posted the Speedo photos taken in the classrooms, but there was no nudity or sexual activity in those, so there was no basis for the administration to take action against me. When I posted the classroom jerkoff video, however, the complaints intensified to include some truly ridiculous accusations, and the university wound up formally charging me with violating the student conduct code on the grounds of endangering the health of others and lewd conduct. They even went so far as to hint that my behavior required counseling to change it.

3. How did you get introduced to the world of adult film?

It started happening back in March. I'd been thinking about doing adult work for a few months and applied to, I think, six or eight different studios, but without any luck. Then Dink Flamingo saw my blog mentioned on a message board right at the time the whole controversy over the video was starting, and contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in doing a series of movies with Dirty Bird Pictures. I was familiar with his previous releases, especially The Porne Ultimatum, which was the first thing I saw that ever made me think I might someday be interested in doing porn, and the offer he made sounded great, so I thought things over and decided to go for it. At first the plan was for me to do a DVD of just solo scenes, but then Dink decided to add Shawn, one of his new models, and then Kaden after he found out that I'd admired Kaden's previous work. And that's how Speedoboys, as we eventually called the film, originated.

corbett4.jpg4. Who has been your favorite co-star so far?

I can't really say, I've only had two, Kaden and Shawn from Active Duty. Both of them were great to work with, very accommodating towards someone who'd never done adult work before, as well as being very nice guys and well worth looking at!

5. Who are three co-stars you would like to work with on film?

That's a bit of a tricky one. There is a list and it's constantly being added to! For starters, Philippe Delvaux, who's extremely hot and is moving out to LA soon, so maybe one day. I'd have said Cody Kyler second, but I hear he's taking a temporary break from porn, making that just a hypothetical. Instead, then, there are the Peters twins - I count them as one. Yes, the idea of sex with identical twins is hot, but I also really like the way they perform. As for a third, I don't even know at the moment: Brent Corrigan, Kaleb Cove, Jake Lyons, Cameron Lane, Turk Mason, Brandon Wilde(read his previous interview here on raannt)?pick one! I think it would be fun to work with all of them and I can't decide.

6. How did you pick the name Corbett Harper?

It was the result of a couple of suggestions I made when Dink Flamingo and I were first trying to come up with a stage name for me. Dink proposed several combinations of my original ideas, and I picked the one I liked best. The last name comes from an alias I was using online after I first came out, Jeff Harper, because I thought it sounded wholesome, while the first name is a tribute to one of my favorite military authors, the naval theorist Julian Corbett.

corbett5.jpg7. What has been your family's response to your career in porn?

Those of them who know about it don't approve of what I'm doing, and so we don't discuss it at all.

8. You have stated that you have certain festishes with feet, underwear and Speedos. What is sexy to you about these three fetishes and do you have any others?

Well, my foot fetish is something I've always had, I don't know where it came from. As a boy I was always on the lookout for other boys who were barefoot, and I liked looking at them and their feet before I ever knew there was a sexual component to it. Nowadays, I always try to make feet a part of my sex play if I can, although a lot of guys aren't into that at all. Underwear and Speedos came along as I realized that it was much more erotic to see a guy nearly naked instead of completely naked. A skimpy pair of underwear or Speedos allows you to both conceal and reveal your body simultaneously, which I find very arousing. For the same reason, I'm also into different kinds of lycra/spandex gear. Certain kinds of sportswear can be a turn on for me too. Aside from what you can wear, I definitely have a cum fetish; I like playing with it when I'm with another boy and snowballing it in particular. Exhibitionism is probably another one. It's certainly something that's sexy to me, and even more sexy to see in a partner. And I suppose you could say I have a fetish for swimmers and gymnasts too?slender, smooth tan guys and compact, muscular ones really turn me on, even more so when they're wearing just some skimpy spandex!

9. You've stated that you love to read. What are your three favorite books?

First, I would say Gaudy Night, a detective novel by Dorothy Sayers, one of her Lord Peter Wimsey series. The plot centers around two parallel themes, both of which are personally quite meaningful to me. One is the difficulty of establishing an equal relationship between two highly intelligent and unique individuals, and the other is concept that truth, so far as it can be ascertained, must always take precedence over opinion and personal emotion. Next comes Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo. From past experience, I sympathize very deeply with the Count's hatred of oppression and desire for revenge, and I admire his ability to shape circumstances through planning and foresight. It's hard for me to pick a definite third, but one of many that I keep coming back to and enjoying is Lawrence Schoonover's The Burnished Blade, a wonderful historical novel about fifteenth-century France.

corbett1.jpg10. What is something you would never do on film no matter how much money you were offered?

Any kind of role which portrayed me in a submissive position, or me taking advantage of someone else that way. I have very strong feelings about the abuse of power.

11. How do you feel about barebacking on film and how do you feel it affects society?

I have no objection whatsoever to bareback films. On the contrary, I feel that it is trying to ban barebacking on camera which is harmful. Not necessarily to society, but as an anarchist, I reject the notion that the interests of society warrant consideration, especially in comparison with the interests of the individual. It is the latter that the anti-barebacking movement is attacking, both specifically by attempting to coerce performers and directors into a certain kind of behavior, and in general by trying to set standards of behavior in the first place. This is not an issue of health or safety. This is an issue of principles and human rights. Allowing that people have freedom of choice means recognizing that they can choose, not merely permitting them to select from a list of socially-approved options. Most worrying in this respect is the recent AMA vote to support anti-barebacking legislation, a situation which reminds us more than ever that laws are nothing but social prejudices backed by force.

12. You have stated you are in a relationship. How does your partner feel about your career in adult film and how does it affect your relationship?

My boyfriend is completely supportive of my adult career. He sees it as a means of artistic expression for me, a viewpoint which he understands since he's modeled himself, though not in adult work. He even asked me for a copy of my DVD so he could keep a record of my work. It's something we're open and honest about with each other. Although at times he's expressed concern that I may fall for someone I work with, we love each other very much and want each other to do our best in our professional lives.

corbett8.jpg13. The University of Hawaii issued a warning stating that you were leaving bodily fluids on desks in classrooms while taking pictures as well as defining your behavior as sexual deviance. Any comments?

For starters, that "warning" was not issued by the University of Hawaii. It was published by the campus newspaper, for which the school disclaims responsibility. The paper has since retracted those statements, although that did not undo the damage it did by publishing them in the first place. Their article seemed to have reinforced a common belief among students that semen is somehow harmful or dangerous, in addition to taking it upon itself to judge someone else's behavior, regardless of the writer's not being medically or ethically qualified to do so. However, the university did nothing to interfere with or react to the publication of the article, in spite of its inaccurate and libelous nature, its reliance on leaked confidential information, and the threat it created by exposing me to the hostility of other students. It also gave the administration the chance to demonstrate that they are more interested in catering to popular prejudices than encouraging intellectual freedom, and the campus LGBT center the opportunity to show that they are really interested in promoting homonormativity, not tolerance. So, while the university was not directly responsible for the original "warning," it was complicit in it by its silence and inaction.

14. What was the final resolution with The University of Hawaii?

The university placed me on academic probation, which essentially means a notation in a file somewhere with no real effect on my standing. They also attempted to charge me a fee for "sanitizing" the classroom I filmed in, which I have not paid and do not intend to pay, given the manner in which they informed me of their decision. Their official letter left no doubt that they actually did hold me responsible for some breach of rules, in spite of the fact, as I have pointed out multiple times, that my actions were permissible under the university's anti-discrimination policy. Sexual behavior is a product of sexual orientation, and is therefore protected with it. In short, the way in which they resolved the situation was not only illogical on a number of grounds, but also potentially illegal.

15. What would you like to achieve in the world of porn?

One thing I would very much like to do, possibly as a director rather than a performer, is historical pornography. That genre hasn't really been explored yet, but it would be a lot of fun to make films that had the added color and interest of different historical periods. There are also plenty of historical events that could easily be adapted to make great adult films; all you would have to do is film the sex that actually happened but which more strait-laced historians leave out of their accounts. Another thing I would like to do is continue working on what I was trying to accomplish with my blog, to push a few of the boundaries people try to confine porn to. I'd like to make films in real-life settings, places not usually associated with sex, both to derive added eroticism from the naughtiness or fantasy of the location, and to continue highlighting the difficult relationship between pornography and society. But whatever I do, I want it to be fun for everyone involved.

corbett6.jpgI do regard porn as presenting an ideal. I remember seeing scenes that left me jealous of the intimacy and chemistry between the actors, and wanting to be in a situation like that myself, in real life. So I want to bring that approach to my work, presenting beautiful ideas that not only entertain and titillate, but also inspire, other gay men.

16. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on a shoot?

Something embarrassing enough that I don't think I can share it yet. Still too close to home.

17. How lucrative is the world of porn?

That's a difficult question to answer because there are several components to it. One important variable is the size of the studio. Broadly speaking, smaller operations will not have as much money to put into their productions and thus to pay their models as larger ones will. I've heard of performers being offered as little as $500 for a full hardcore scene by a small producer, while an upper end studio would likely pay several times that. Another is the models themselves. Generally, the studios which focus on straight guys in their productions will offer a better rate of pay, since they need to do so to provide an incentive. Sean Cody, for example, is known for having the highest or one of the highest scene rates in the gay porn industry. Those studios which use a higher number of gay models, on the other hand, may be able to pay their performers less. Then there is the question of whether a model is getting simply a scene rate, or, for one who participates more in his productions, royalties instead. And of course popularity and awards make a difference in how much you get paid, too. For myself, I'll just say that I'm making a considerably better income from doing adult work than I would by taking most of the alternative options available to me, particularly for the amount of work involved.

18. Has porn had a positive or negative effect on your life and would you recommend it to anyone else?

Its effect on my life is a bit difficult to measure. Overall, though, I would say the experience has been more positive than negative. It has shaken some of my relationships with family and friends. But in return, I've been able to do something that I enjoy and provide enjoyment and even inspiration to others. The way in which it happened has also put me in a position to start actively working on some of my long-term goals. I think the most valuable part of the experience is that it has given me the courage to live my life in a way that amuses and entertains me, rather than in a way that others consider suitable. As far as recommending it for anyone else, I'll go a bit further than just saying prospective models should understand the reasons they want to get into the industry. I would only recommend that someone do porn if they genuinely enjoy the exhibitionism, if they want to do it primarily for the fun of it rather than the income or the sex or the short-term thrill. Yes, it's unwise to read too much into porn, but models should still have a sense of artistic pride in their work, no matter what the nature of that work is. Those who do will be the best performers.

19. Could you give us some details about your first shoot?

corbett10.jpgThe best part of it was actually the first bit we shot, a hot tub scene with me and Shawn. That was very erotic, with both of us slowly sliding out of our Speedos and grinding against each other. I love that kind of delayed action. We didn't really do much once we got in the water, though, so hopefully there will be room for underwater stuff in a future movie. The first scene in the DVD was actually shot last, early in the morning on my last day in San Diego. I finished it up only a few minutes before I had to head off to the airport to catch a flight back to Hawaii. Honestly, shooting the actual hardcore scenes was a blur to me afterwards. I had an impression the first one went much faster than the second one, but it turned out to be the opposite, so I'm not very reliable there! Apart from shooting the hot tub part, the most fun was doing the photos with Shawn down on the beach. We were down in a little cleft in the rocks, hidden from view of the public beaches on either side, and having to pose and change into and out of our different Speedos a bunch of times. It was great!

20. What does it take to sexually turn you on?

Well, the other guy has to be cute to start with, of course! More importantly than anything, though, he has to be a tease. He has to want to go slow and be erotic about sex, teasing me with his looks and his actions along the way. I'm not particularly big on fucking, either as a top or bottom. I much prefer kissing and body contact. A good kisser is the hottest thing there is. I also love seeing/feeling/tasting a completely smooth package, it's so very masculine to me. Near nudity for a while is better than full nudity, of course. And having a camera around definitely spices things up a bit.

21. What's something we wouldn't know by looking at you?

The range of interests I many there are, and how quickly I change them. Among other things, I once spent three years learning how an atomic bomb worked. As soon as I figured it out and finished doing a design calculation for one based on what I'd learned, I got bored with it and haven't gone back to the subject since. I'm extremely logical and precise, but occasionally very spontaneous as well.

22. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps...Speedos...or nothing at all?

All of the above, almost, except for boxers. I don't even own any boxers, can't stand them. Briefs are probably the most common, since they're sexy and comfortable, but I do slip into a jock or Speedo sometimes. If I think I'm going somewhere where my clothes will be coming off it's usually a Speedo. And lately, since I'm always naked at home and I haven't been going out much except for short walks, it's been nothing at all under my board shorts.

Thanks buddy!
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troybear74 | August 1, 2010 3:23 AM

I hate to break it to this kid, but he apparently needs to focus more on his studies while on campus, and less on his so called "art". Anyone with an ounce of education knows that semen can contain every single pathogen found in blood, for which there are MANY. People don't know his medical history, so why WOULD they want to have a chance encounter with his spunk? Seriously, that's just gross. This guy needs to grow up and quit giving us all a bad name.