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Sunday Funnies: Homo-Cidal Maniacs & More Bryan Safi Hilarity!

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It's time for your weekly round-up of giggle-inducing LGBT themed videos! This Sunday Funday's post is filled with a big gay, mega-mix of videos from Bryan Safi, our favorite satirist from InfoMania's That's Gay!

First up, Safi takes on the Hollywood meme of gays as scary, foppish villains:

When Hollywood needs a villain, they always go straight for the gays. Bryan Safi uncovers the terrifying truth of movies of the last 100 years: from "Psycho" and "The Maltese Falcon" to more recent blockbusters like "300" and "Braveheart"--and even Disney film villains like Scar in "The Lion King"--we have all been taught from a very early age to fear the Foppish Menace.

That's Gay Salutes the Nation's Worst Church Lady

Bryan Safi salutes Yvonne Moore, a Washington D.C. woman who told CNN that she sued her church because they began to perform gay marriages. She asked the church for $250,000 in donations she'd made over the past 37 years. That's a lot of loose change in that basket.

Bryan's Proud of Gay Animals

Bryan Safi celebrates nature's OG gays: animals. From "genguins" (gay penguins) to Glee's gay sharks to bears (duh), nature has taught us all that as long as you have fur, your sexuality is A-OK.

Bryan's Proud of Lady Gaga's Fans

Bryan Safi goes gaga for Lady Gaga fans and their sissified, flamboyant tribute videos -- from the US Military to kids to Chatroulette users, everyone's got a little "Bad Romance" to show off.

That's Gay: Gay Pride!

Happy Gay New Year (or as it's officially called, Gay Pride)! This week, Bryan Safi takes a long hard look at the last 12 months and asks: just what are we so proud of? From Constance McMillen and gay proms to surprise support from Eminem and McDonald's, it's been quite a year for the gay world.

Don't forget- Safi is a fun tweeter to follow!

picture-7-thumb-200x131-10969.pngThat's Gay is a recurring segment on the weekly television show infoMania. In each episode of That's Gay, Bryan Safi explores gay issues and stereotypes as they are portrayed by the clueless media. For more Bryan visit http://current.com/groups/thats-gay/ and Current TV.

infoMania is a half-hour satirical news show that airs on Current TV. The show puts a comedic spin on the 24-hour chaos and information overload brought about by the constant bombardment of the media and airs on Thursdays at 10/9c on Current TV.

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If you haven't yet discovered the Current TV Channel, I highly recommend you check it out. They offer some terrific programming. Sunday night, I watched an hour special on gay marriage, followed by a special (on Vanguard) about American missionaries who have influenced the extreme homophobia that is now sweeping Uganda. These programs repeat, so check your listings. They are also available on HULU.