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The DownRIGHT Crazy

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Editors' Note: Guest blogger Matt R. Salmon is an ASU Graduate with a Bachelor's in Psychology. He works in clinical research and is the chairman of the Arizona Log Cabin Republicans.

Matt_Salmon.jpgGrowing up in a political, conservative, religious family instilled in me a sense of respect for the religious right. That respect has steadily declined over the years; however, I still maintained a certain amount until recent events had me questioning the sanity of my youth.

Between George Rekers and his propensity to rent boys like I use the Redbox around the corner and the Mormon Church's failure to appreciate the "worth of every soul" that have been molested by those they place in leadership positions, I can no longer respect those who advocate one thing, or many things, but do another. I am not sure how I rationalized the hypocrisy in the past, but I think it might have something to do with my brain being washed by immersion.

Interestingly, Reverend George is a lot like Saul, from the Good Book. He persecuted the gay community for years, and would it surprise anybody if the blood of self-loathing suicidal teens was on his hands? Then one day, a donkey, we will call him "Lucien", flipped his world completely around. He went from one of the most outspoken anti-gay/ex-gay activists to being caught, almost literally, in bed with his enemy. Reparative therapy seems to be more of a cover up for those afraid of living authentically. Is he a self loathing homophobe or just downright crazy?

Sadly, I cannot find as nice a correlation for the Mormon Church as I could for Rekers. When I think of the Mormon Church a few things come to mind...a great and spacious building, secret combinations and the greatest pyramid scheme this world has ever known. With as hard as the Mormon Church works in opposition to the gay community, you would think that when men "called of God" are molesting young boys, the church might do more than tell the molesters that they need to repent or they might have to spend eternity in the Terrestrial Kingdom. Such was the case with Timur Dykes of Oregon or Brad Stowell of Orange County, both of which were young men/boy scout leaders. Do they reside in the biggest white washed sepulcher of all, or are they just downright crazy?

After an article was published about me in Echo, a gay magazine, my mother called to explain that she had heard about the article from a member of United Families International. The organization is the epitome of the religious right. They fight to defend marriage from the gays, save children from the gays and deny rights to the gays. Oddly enough though, they enjoy reading magazines of the gays. I have a hard time finding a shred of lucid logic in their actions or their causes. Are they soldiers crusading for the glory of their regime, or are they just downright crazy?

To those who would tell me that god disapproves of me and I, therefore, should be treated like less of a person, I say are just downright crazy. If the religious right wants to present rational behavior I would suggest to them that they should stop trying to "cure" the gays, stop trying to cover up sodomy, and stop trying to defeat the gays while supporting gay media outlets.

In a country where "separate but equal" has failed, I find it disheartening that history has taught us nothing. But history does nothing if not repeat itself and soon all men truly might be equal based on their rights to life, liberty and especially happiness. If not, it is because we have yielded control to the downright crazy.

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And yet, in spite of your revelation, you continue to maintain your membership in a political party that works actively at counter-purpose to your best interests?

You speak of learning from history, but fail to see the Republican Party for what it is, completely antithetical to the idea of a society willing to acknowledge your existance.

To add to that with the exception of 2 Senators the rest of the Republicans in the Senate are rabidly anti-gay. All things being equal on the equality front although I am a liberal I could see supporting either party or candidate depending on other factors. The sad part is you can probably count on your fingers and have fingers left the number of national Republicans who are pro-GLBT.
I don't give a pass to the Democrats either and am currently looking at 3rd party alternatives but I would never look to the Republican party whose record on GLBT rights have been abysmal.

Additionally, the Republican Party Platform in both Texas and Minnesota want to re-criminalize your sexual orientation. You must be really crazy.

Welcome to the Dark Side, Matt.

The Dark Side of truth, integrity and a loving God who embraces his entire creation... and not just the "select few" who abide by crazy rules and who send in those tithing checks on a regular basis.

Matt R. Salmon | July 27, 2010 1:49 PM

The thing is...I do understand that the religious right is completely opposed to my existence. My issue is with them, not the Republican Party. I also understand why people think I am delusional, but it doesn't matter to me. I know what I believe and I will stand by it, just as I respect another person's right to do so.

Though I disagree and am disappointed with the religious right, I will defend their right to believe what they will.

I know Republican individuals who will fight for my rights just as anyone else's. Those are the people I stand behind, those are the people I will work to put in office.

Lincoln was a Republican...I believe the party has veered away from his ideas, but we can get back there. Democrats have veered as well. Democrats choose to be aligned with a party that will be friendly and make promises when speaking to the gays but then bad mouth them and fail to keep promises when they aren't around. I choose to align with a party that will tell me they aren't perfect and where many will just tell me they don't agree with me and won't try to help...but there are some who will.

All I try to do is live honestly and authentically and try to make changes that I see are necessary. Respect me for it, and I will respect you for the things you do that I disagree with. We all want the same things...individual freedom, a government that stays out of our bedrooms and personal affairs, equality.


My journey has been similar to yours in many ways except in my case I was raised in the Ctholic Church as opposed to the Mormon Church.

I too was once a Republican. However, I realized that it was/is impossible to reform the GOP from within. Especially since more and more of the downRIGHT crazy far right has taken total control of that Party. Frankly, given the state of the GOP and its total fiscal irresponsibility, I do not understand how anyone could be a member of the LogCabin Republicans. While an extreme coparison, to me, being gay and affiliated with the GOP is like a Jew enrolling in the Hitler Youth.

Are the Democrats any better? Not a whole lot as many of us in the LGBT community have learned from the string of lies - I mean broken campaign promises dished out by Barack Obama.

What's the solution? Support individual candidates who support you/us in the LGBT community. In addition, keep living out and proud and expose and challenge the anti-gay downRIGHT crazy folks whenever possible. As for the county's two main political parties, both seem increasingly worthless.

Matt R. Salmon | July 27, 2010 4:48 PM

That is my plan...though I am Republican, I will not limit myself across party lines. I will support those candidates that I see will do the best for me and those around me.

I think for anyone to limit themselves to strictly voting down a party line would be entirely ignorant and close minded. No one wins there.

Hi Matt- thanks for your perspective- which you are perfectly entitled to, by the way. If we all saw things the same way the world would bore me to shit...
But, hey, how about getting your Log Cabin brothers and sisters to take a stand against the GOP platform planks in Montana and Texas that seek to criminalize us?
That would totally impress me- and strike a blow for political and personal diversity!

Matt R Salmon | July 28, 2010 1:39 AM

I think that is a reasonable idea.

"Reasonable?" No kidding?

I can understand your getting over the fairy tales of religion, but I don't know why you can't do the same with politics.

Any explanation? it doesn"t need to be reasonable, I'm just curious.

At this point in time, I think it's unwise and even irresponsible for GLBT people to associate themselves with the Republican Party. Sure, there are lots of pro-GLBT Republicans, but the overwhelming majority of the party is opposed to us to one degree or another. There's nothing wrong with being GLBT and conservative (in the traditional economic sense, of course), but it's not a good idea to support an organization that opposes anything from our right to marry to our right to exist.

At the same time, we should be mindful that the use of bigotry to draw voters isn't a Republican problem, but an American problem that has plagued this country from its inception. Today, if you want to turn your prejudice against GLBT people, immigrants or some other group into political reality, you vote Republican; 60 years ago, you would have voted Democrat; 100 years before that, you would have supported the Native Americans (i.e. the mid-19th century anti-immigrant political party).

Who knows? Maybe a few decades from now, the GOP will have long given bigotry against GLBTs as a political tactic. But until that happens, with exception to a handful of candidates and leaders around the country, supporting the GOP and supporting GLBT rights are mutually exclusive.

Matt R. Salmon | August 1, 2010 12:58 AM

Just because I label myself a republican does not mean I support everything they do as an organization. I call myself American and I don't support everything about American society. If I were to call myself a democrat, I would support even less of those things that they stand for than I do as a Republican. I don't see the democratic party doing a whole lot more. In fact, I like less of what they stand for or what their track record shows.

If anything I would just not affiliate with a party, but because in the US you can't really get much done in a bipartisan system if you aren't one of the two parties, I pick one that has many things I can stand by. Honestly, I'm never going to support 100% regardless of what party or what my affiliation, I chose that which I support the most of.

I personally believe that two strong parties aren't enough. There is so much more that black and white shouldn't be the only two options.