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The ex-gay agenda

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Look what Wayne Besen turned up (trigger warning):

I disagree - honest perversion is a whole lot better than what they're describing in that interview. There's nothing wrong with getting some kink on - where this crosses the line is when it comes to consent. Sure, they're all adults and they agreed to get naked, but when someone posing as an expert and a professional is telling you that if you get naked and touch yourself your wildest dreams will come true, then the concept of consent becomes complicated, to put it mildly.

But these are all closeted homosexuals who have just as strong of a sex drive as anyone else. This is the force that put nearly seven billion people on the planet that occupies a large part of most people's minds, energy, and time. Human beings can't just ignore it. Of course, out-n-proud gay men can get creepy too, but these folks have literally made a science of it. Remember this?


FEYERICK: Cohen explains Rob's same-sex attraction is typical of the men he treats. Cold, distant dad, overbearing mom and overly sensitive kid. He showed us some of his unconventional techniques like touch therapy, in which he encouraging Rob to seek out same-sex mentors to basically re-create a healthy father-son bond.

COHEN: It's nonsexual. It establishes like parent-child relationship. So he didn't experience this growing up with his dad.

FEYERICK (on camera): Rob, do you feel a sexual connection right now?

ROB: No, I don't. I feel very safe and very comforted and it just feels wonderful.

I like being held by men too, but usually I let them know what's up beforehand.

There was also this:

The man said Lewis started a program of "touch therapy," which included the two kissing and fondling each other and engaging in sexual roleplaying.

"He said I was to tell no one about it because no one would understand," the man testified.

During "touch therapy" sessions in Lewis' car, Lewis asked him to masturbate, the man said. Lewis also admitted to fantasizing about him, the man said.

It's actually pretty quaint when these folks just cruise toilets and hire prostitutes, and those are far better outlets for their suppressed sexualities.

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