August 25, 2010

Reigning hip-hop's Queen Latifah is outed

Filed by Rev Irene Monroe | August 25, 2010 | 7:00 PM | comments

Long before the African American celebrity gossip, news, popular culture, and entertainment blog outed Dana Owens, a.k.a. Queen Latifah, with photos of her and gal pal "personal trainer" Jeanette Jenkins in a tender embrace not meant for public viewing,...Read More

Single Panel Comics

Filed by Sean Martin | August 25, 2010 | 6:00 PM | comments

Aside from the work here and at the blogsite, DnR also appear at a few sites where their adventures are done in single-panel format. So here's a few samples -- and one might possibly be considered NSFW... depending on where...Read More

Old San Fran Bath Goes to the Dogs

Filed by Bil Browning | August 25, 2010 | 5:00 PM | comments

There's nothing more ecologically sound than reusing old buildings for new purposes instead of watching them crumble or razing them to build something new. In this case, however, a former gay bath in San Francisco is going to the dogs....Read More

Do Not Disturb

Filed by Sara Whitman | August 25, 2010 | 4:00 PM | comments

Ah, moldy towels, unworn underwear and athletes foot. The joys of camp return. I will say, no lice this year was a lovely treat. To be safe, I left all the clothes in the garage for a night, did my...Read More

Gay porn actor Mason Wyler comes out as positive

Filed by Alex Blaze | August 25, 2010 | 3:00 PM | comments

Gay porn star Mason Wyler had his serostatus disclosed on Twitter and came out on his own site (link NSFW). I'm glad he had the courage to come out - it shows that the virus is still around, it's still...Read More

Women Wearing Pig's Noses: vintage clothing ad

Filed by Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | August 25, 2010 | 2:30 PM | comments

Maybe I'm just too citified, but is there some advantage to your clothes wearing like a pig's nose? What? Those cute little pink snouts always looked so sensitive! But ok, obviously I am not a snout expert. Also I guess...Read More

The demographics of genital piercing

Filed by Bil Browning | August 25, 2010 | 1:30 PM | comments

The LA Times published an interesting article about the demographics of genital piercings the other day that I thought readers would be interested in. While I've blogged before about Karl Rove's gay dad and all of his piercings (link NSFW),...Read More

Reject Ann Coulter and know failure

Filed by Alex Blaze | August 25, 2010 | 12:30 PM | comments

Michael Lucas has got to have more than incriminating photographs of editors of The Advocate, because he's over there, not just writing a love letter to Ann Coulter calling her "provocative, smart, witty, funny, fearless," but distraught that all the...Read More

National LGBT Bar Association's Lavender Law Conference

Filed by Dr. Jillian T. Weiss | August 25, 2010 | 11:30 AM | comments

Every year, the sharpest legal minds in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community gather at the National LGBT Bar Association's annual Lavender Law conference and career fair. It's happening tomorrow through Saturday in Miami Beach. Miami in August?...Read More

Rules For Living With A Military Partner

Filed by Guest Blogger | August 25, 2010 | 10:30 AM | comments

Editors' Note: With the Pentagon's family survey now in the field, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), a national, legal services and policy organization dedicated to ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT), will release a letter each day this week from...Read More

North Korea: Us gay? No Way!

Filed by Joe Mirabella | August 25, 2010 | 9:30 AM | comments

On Monday I told you about North Korea's venture onto Facebook, where allegedly they told the world they were gay by indicating they were a man interested in a man. As news quickly swept the internet and social networks about...Read More

Holy Retro-homophobes, Batman!: A trip down memory lane

Filed by Jason Tseng | August 25, 2010 | 8:30 AM | comments

The 1960s have clearly seen a renaissance of late. It seems everyone is going mad over Mad Men along with a whole cornucopia of 60's themed media (A Single Man, Pride, A Cloud Over England, Howl). And with this retrospection...Read More


Walking the walk

Filed by Alex Blaze | August 25, 2010 | 7:30 AM | comments

"We need to walk the walk as well as talk the talk." --Jill Carnaghi, associate vice chancellor for student affairs at Washington University in St. Louis, on her school pulling out of a shopping event with Target that sounded pretty...Read More

LCR meets with Utah's governor

Filed by Alex Blaze | August 25, 2010 | 7:00 AM | comments

Local news covered the LCR meeting with the governor of Utah, which isn't extraordinary, but I'm impressed by the earnestness of the local journalists in covering this meeting....Read More