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A View of Marriage Through Wedding Cake Toppers

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Same-sex couples are destroying marriage? No, I think opposite-sex couples are doing very well on their own, as this series of actual wedding cake toppers indicates. Apparently, marriage is something into which straight men need to be dragged or chained.

(At least one company, Wilton, has a topper featuring a "Runaway Bride"--but for the most part it seems to be the men who need persuading. And in an attempt at diversity (!?), Wilton also offers the "Oh, No You Don't" figurine (the first one above) in an "Ethnic" variety, because apparently anyone who isn't white is "ethnic.")

And yes, there are same-sex cake toppers around. Google "lesbian cake toppers" or "gay cake toppers," and you'll get plenty of hits. Many companies also offer separate brides and grooms so you can mix and match gender, ethnicity, hobby, etc. to suit your needs. Funny though--I looked through a bunch of sites in preparing this post, and saw no same-sex toppers that indicated one of the parties needed to be dragged or chained into marriage.

Photo credits: Top row, l-r: Sailor Coruscant; Sebastien Paquet. Bottom row, l-r: Kim Marius Flakstad; nola.agent.

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I think they only have one pan-ethnic model because non-white people have the good sense not to buy this sort of thing. Right? Well, I hope so.

I wonder if they'd eventually make a same-sex version of this thing, but then I'd hope we'd have the good sense not to buy this sort of thing either.

'The New Yorker Magazine' did a great piece on this issue in their August 16 & 23, 2010 combined Summer issue about a Cake Bakery in Hollywood who has baked for the Gay & Lesbian community for 30 years. It mentions Stars from Rock Hudson, Elton John, & "Grease" Producer Allan Carr to Barbara Stanwwycks all having themed speciality Cakes made (including for weddings).

Read all about my life as a Gay Hollywood 'Extra' by Googling: John Starr Extra

You mean you didn't drag Helen down the aisle, Dana? :)

LOL. Well, seeing as we didn't actually marry until about 13 years into our relationship, it was more of a mutual stumbling into it rather than either of us dragging the other.

I am, however, all about the cake.

Oops...my correct name spelling is 'John Starr' (sometimes that auto-spell gets my way)!

Groom abduction American style, "where all the women are strong and all the men are good looking"? Interesting how this post coincides the the August 27th release of the Bollywood film, Antardwand. In Bihar state it is the father of the bride who carries out the abduction. Le Mariage forcé, yes. Moliere found it a fitting topic for one of his plays. The U N regards forced marriage as a form of human rights abuse, hmmm . . .

I didn't encounter any of these images when I went looking for cake toppers under the awkward description "wedding cake statuettes", last week. Interesting. I suppose these figurines are an innocuously humorous variation of a theme based on an institution that is often associated with its many oppressive aspects. What a way to formalize a "loving relationship"!