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Are gays violent or not?

Filed By Alex Blaze | August 02, 2010 12:00 PM | comments

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This one's bugged me for years, and here are two examples from the news that are relevant.

R&B singer Ne-Yo here is describing a stereotype of gay men that's not at all uncommon:

ne-yo.jpgThere's this whole gay thing that keeps following me around. [People think] Anybody that sings and has a penis is gay. So I'm part of that elite squad, according to multiple blog sites and whatnot. I guess it's because I've never shot a person, or talked about shooting a person or had a desire to shoot a person...that I'm gay.

Gay men = nonviolent pansies. OK.

Here's NOM expressing another not at all uncommon stereotype when describing how gays react to their rallies:

Gay men = violent threats to nice people's well-being.

Which is it, America? I need to know which stereotype to overcompensate for.

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Which is it, America? I need to know which stereotype to overcompensate for.

Ha! Thanks, Alex. You may not have intended this to be humorous but it made me chuckle. Eh, gotta laugh sometimes else you just want to cry...

Violent people see violence everywhere.

Or it could be the pictures that surface of him with his arm around another guy and tons of rumors of him fucking his male groupies in the studio or the other rap star that has been widely rumored to have had a long-time relationship with NeYo and who won't deny the rumors like NeYo does.

Just sayin'

What does it say about when all of the responses to the article that prompted this are spam for dating services and counterfeit branded clothing?

As for Ne-Yo... well, excuse me, but his girlfriend is having their first child. His *girlfriend*. *Not* his *wife*. When's Maggie gonna come down on that shit?