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Big Brother 12: Gay Cat Fight

Filed By Bil Browning | August 20, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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The gay guy on Big Brother 12 got into a fight with one of the other housemates. Apparently she's this season's bitch. I stopped watching long ago when they just turned into stereotypes shoved into a few rooms. Anyone else watching this year?

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I watch! I really like Ragan. He's the only out player to last this long. He's a smart player and I hope he goes far.

I know of Ragan Fox from his long running podcast "Fox in the City", which he has done on and off since around 2005. He also has a history of doing slam poetry and has authored at least two books. Although he started off somewhat quiet during BB12, he's now acting more like one might find on his podcast. He was a perfect sabateur.

He also has a history of using humor akin to that of Sarah Silverman (I first heard of her from him back in 2006); he's been pretty tame comparatively on BB12. He's always been an articulate, funny, and controversial figure in the lbgt podcasting community. Listen to some of his podcasts & see what you think. Go to to hear podcasts and Ragan Fox: American's Next Top Bottom ( to read his blog.