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Can we agree to change the name of ENDA?

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ENDA is a terrible acronym. No one knows what it means that doesn't live and breathe LGBT politics. Asking straight friends to support ENDA inspires blanks stairs.

Never mind no one knows what ENDA stands for, the acronym itself is negative. If ENDA were a pharmacuitical it would be a diarrhea medicine.

It is time to rename ENDA. It is time to think like Republicans and create a name no one can vote no on without sounding like a complete asshole. Like, "The Right to Work Act" or "Jobs for Americans Act of 2010."

I want to hear your ideas. Let's rename ENDA in the comments.

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"Right to Work" has already been taken by anti-union laws, and "Jobs for Americans" sounds like a good name for a stimulus package.

I dunno, Democrats have never been able to pull the deceptively-naming a bill so they have to vote for it thing off. And "non-discrimination" sounds good, since who wants to be in favor of discrimination?

We could always call it "queerasaurus." Bil knows I've been looking for a thing to be named "queerasaurus" for about three years now after he rejected my suggestion that we rename Bilerico.

Maria Shannon | August 21, 2010 1:01 PM

I dunno. I think you have to be a complete asshole to not be for something that's called the Employment Nondiscrimination Act. That basically says "yes, I'm cool with discriminating against people during high unemployment."

Even with a "catchier" name I'm pretty sure most of the people who wouldn't vote for it called ENDA won't suddenly have a change of heart about queer rights.

But then I couldn't get cute emails from getEQUAL that say "It's the ENDA summer".

But seriously, I got nothin'. You would think "non-discrimination" would be pretty controversial, and yet...

I wouldn't be opposed to a new name that makes it harder to vote against, but like Maria says, it's already pretty hard to vote against non-discrimination. Additionally, how is this unique from all the other things we fight for. Is it any easier for straight folks to know what DADT or DOMA stands for? And if we'd rather not speak in acronyms, just say "non-discrimination." It's conveniently the same number of syllables as "marriage equality."

Call it Ellen. No one votes against Ellen.

Yeah, I think we might be doing ourselves a disservice by going into acronym soup all the time.

JonathonEdwards | August 21, 2010 3:08 PM

I think only those who "live and breathe LGBT politics" actually pronounce the acronym in conversation. I try to always call it the employment non-discrimination act when I'm talking to regular folk, gay or straight, because its quite clear and descriptive. The problem isn't the name of the bill, which isn't ENDA, anyway...the problem is the jargon based speech of the professional GLBT activist class. ENDA is no more distracting than DOMA or DADT. I think those get blank stares, too for people who don't speak the language of the activist ghetto.

The I Love America & Hate Communists Act

It's interesting... I think we've fallen into our own soup a little bit here with the discussion that "non-discrimination" is something difficult for people to vote against.

I was pretty involved in the Ref. 71 campaign here in Washington, and came up against a number of opponents who quite openly argued that discrimination is a good thing.

I think it's important to remember that those of us who are already on board aren't the audience we seek to convert... and we need to use THEIR values to communicate our ideas. Not our own. If you think that's disingenuous... welcome to politics.

It's why talking about our families and our kids works, and talking about bigotry and vague notions of "equality" and "justice" don't so much.

I say we call it the "Restoring America's Promise Act". Who wouldn't vote for the RAP Act?

"I say we call it the "Restoring America's Promise Act". Who wouldn't vote for the RAP Act?"

A metalhead. Just saying. Most of us would cringe at that name.

Going to agree that Non-Discrimination is a pretty strong word, which is why ENDA should really only be used in type, and after it has already been clearly spelled out.

WackoTheSane | August 21, 2010 9:06 PM

How about Jobs Over Bigotry, the JOB act. Who can be against something called that?

Wolfgang E. B. Wolfgang E. B. | August 21, 2010 9:18 PM

The American Freedom and Values Act.

"The Capitalist Jesus Opportunity Act for Real 'Merkins."

If we leave it to HRC, they'll probably come up with something as bad as the name that the UK's Gender Recognition Act had while it was just a bill: the GeRBill.

Yes, the GRB passed and became the GRA - but nothing with a name llike that would pass in an American legislature, state or federal.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | August 22, 2010 1:36 AM

Actually it's time to change the concept behind ENDA. It's way too limited.

It should be expanded to mandate 50 state protection from violence and for employment rights, access to services, housing and education.

It ought to be broadened to protect women, people of color, working people, immigrant workers, LGBT folks and disabled people.

And it's time to propose a broadened law as a federal constitutional amendment with accompanying legislation mandating harsh penalties for those who violate its provisions.

That approach would give us a focus for building a mass movement, forming alliances and exposing our real political enemies in both parties.

Then we can change the name.

End da discrimination! Ok, I see the point but will anything else catch on in time? It requires a good branding and marketing campaign and even failed ones can be revitalized without ditching the name. It can be added on easily enough. Some acronyms are just full of cheese as it is.

I think changing the name is a ridiculous idea. The existing name, Employment Non Discrimination Act, says exactly what it is. Instead of renaming ENDA, let's spend our energies where they're truly needed, such as in getting the bill passed!

I agree. My fear is that changing the name will add to confusion without presenting any benefit --- unless this thing gets some more Congressional support, we might as well change it to "The Shuffling Of The Deck Chairs on the Titanic Act".

How about changing it to TRIFCA (The Right To Civil rights For All).

Not only is the tragedy about employment discrimination, but it's about our civil rights collectively.

For example,I am a 53 yr young full time Transsexual. I am a Vietnam Veteran and both my sons are Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars collectively.

I transitioned full time 3 years ago and the hate and discrimination I experience daily whether out in public or trying to secure employment for the last 29 months has been so unbearable but I must go on. I have been stripped of ALL my Civil Rights that I was born with by virtue of being an American and a child of GOD.

Some people in the LGBTIQ community have it worse than I do to the degree that they see suicide as their only option. I try to do what I can in the community to help ease the burden of hardships that other people face daily.

We finally have protections against violence against the LGBTIQ community on a Federal level as long as you are murdered on Federal land. It is time to pass a bill that would protect people on a national level from ALL walks of life, faith, and gender, gender identity inclusively. We are not asking the government for permission to live, but we are asking the government to recognize the GOD given right for us to live by virtue of birth!

OOPS. I meant TRICFA. (The RIght To Civil rights For All). See how a simple mistake of transposing 2 letters changes the entire meaning?

My bad... It's corrected now.

Here in Ireland, Enda is a standard boy's name.