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Cancer and Kittens

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Home again. This time for good. No more Maine, no more driving gallerykitten1.jpgoutside the city limits, no more beach.


I went to Dana Farber, the cancer hospital of extraordinary care, with my sister yesterday. It's not the greatest news. She is going to have a stem cell transplant. We don't know when yet, but we know she will. Seems the doctor is confused by the aggressiveness of a cancer that is supposed to be very slow growing. The last chemo should have given her at least 6 months cancer free- it was barely 6 weeks.

Time for the big guns, the doctor said.

We did our usual in the hospital waiting around all day for tests... talked about the kids, where she wanted to be buried, where Jeanine and I would be buried. We will not, instead we both want to be cremated and then divided in three to be permanently on display in our kids homes forever more.

Kidding. Kind of.

She reminded me of an ex-boyfriend who was so drunk one night, when the grill was ready to start cooking, he decided it needed some "real" meat. Yup, the idiot put his penis on a hot grill. That got us through the 8 vials of blood that needed to be drawn.

I've known the cancer was back for a while. She decided not to tell everyone for a period of time, thus why I haven't written about it. Now the cat is out of the bag.

Which reminds me, we are getting a new kitten today. Calvin. An orange tabby 6 to 8 week old kitten. See, my sister really wanted a kitten but couldn't have one in her rented house. And poor Darcy has been missing her sister so when the opportunity came up, I couldn't resist.

Jeanine isn't thrilled but I'm still looking at the puppy she brought home two weeks before Jake was born while I was saying, um... No. No no no. No dog. No.

Stem cell transplant this fall. Not even a kitten can make that news easy but it's worth a shot.

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so sorry sara..hang in there.. love the blog xo