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Caption This: Ladies Love It

Filed By Bil Browning | August 23, 2010 4:00 PM | comments

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Tags: inner Lothario, ladies love it, latin lover, lip tattoo, mugshots

This dashing young buck is quite the lady's man. His self-effacing and modest demeanor hides an inner Lothario that women just can't resist. Why, notice they've covered his neck and cheek with kisses even!


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The tattoo just screams, "Hey baby, I'm a registered sex offender, and I'm on the prowl tonight!"

I hope that's not a tattoo. For his sake.

Sarah Bellum | August 23, 2010 4:43 PM

You know that are certain moustaches that just make me stare. I have a hard time imagining myself talking to this guy without just staring fixedly at the words. Maybe he takes hypnotism as positive feedback????

gwenhwyfaer | August 23, 2010 4:50 PM

Would the phrase not fit in his preferred location?

Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman... if she's stupid enough to go there...

He is one hot transman.

What he's trying to say is, "Hey everyone...look at me...I'm an idiot!"

Putting the "mug" into "mugshot".

n.b. in British English a mug is an idiot or fool - someone who has poor judgement &/or is easily conned.

I am an idiot... see me roar... (peep)

Can we not use the term 'buck' to refer to a man of color in a discussion about sexuality? Because that term has a loaded history in that context.

Really? I apologize then. I didn't realize. I'll have to go look that up now.

When I checked on Snopes and Wikipedia, both say that "buck" is not a racial term and that it's an urban legend that it is. From Wikipedia:

Some etymologies are part of urban legends, and seem to respond to a general taste for the surprising, counterintuitive and even scandalous. One common example has to do with the phrase rule of thumb, meaning a rough measurement. An urban legend has it that the phrase refers to an old English law under which a man could legally beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb (though no such law ever existed).[5]

In the United States, many of these scandalous legends have had to do with racism and slavery. Common words such as picnic,[6] buck,[7] and crowbar[8] have been alleged to stem from derogatory terms or racist practices. The "discovery" of these alleged etymologies is often believed by those who circulate them to draw attention to racist attitudes embedded in ordinary discourse. On one occasion, the use of the word niggardly led to the resignation of a U.S. public official because it sounded similar to the word nigger, despite the two words being unrelated etymologically.[9]

Calling him a buck is an offensive insult to deer of all genders and persuasions.

I never even knew that there was an urban legend around that word!

Remember those "Foxy Lady" Tee Shirts from the 1980s? I never saw a woman wearing one who was remotely attractive.

Let's give this guy a break and presume we was drunk when he stumbled into the Tattoo Parlor.

Or not. Yeah he's just an idiot here to serve our humor needs...

Read about my Life as a Gay Hollywood 'Extra'...just google: John Starr Blog

Remember those gals in the 80s wearing "Foxy Lady" Tee Shirts? None of them ever were hot..just protesting too much.

Let's give this guy a break and presume he was just drunk when he stumbled into the Tattoo Parlor.

Or not...nah, he's just an idiot. Bet the boys in jail loved his mouth Tat.

Read about my Life as a Gay Hollywood 'Extra'...just Google: John Start Blog

"I usually keep it under wraps, but today's a special day, ya know?"

And here, from a more authoritive source than wikipedia, Donald Bogle's (a well reputed film historian who has taught at Rutgars, University of Pennsylvania, and NYU) book 'Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, and Bucks: An Interpretive History of Blacks in American Film." on the racist film The Birth of a Nation "But it was the pure black bucks that were Griffith's really archetypical figures. Bucks are always big bad niggers, over sexed and savage, violent and frenzied as they lust for white flesh. No greater sin hath any black man. Both Lynch, the mulatto, and Gus, the renegade, fall into this category. Among other things, these two characters revealed the tie between sex and racism in America. Griffith played on the myth of the Negro's high powered sexuality, then articulated the great white fear that every black man longs for a white woman."

It doesn't really matter if this term has been used in that context since the fifteen hundreds, it matters that it is used that way today. I have heard this word and this stereotype invoked by white racists attempting to instill fear of black people in my own experience.

dharmapupil | August 25, 2010 7:33 AM

@cat - I agree completely: Wikipedia and Snopes are way off on this one!

@Bil - I am pleased that you grew up not hearing this kind of terminology, but I am older and this was common stereotyping in the 60s and not unknown in the 70s. I would no more use that word to describe a person than I would use the "n" word. It carries the same connotation of dehumanization. I will say that I have usually heard it used to refer to First Nations men, however.

his secret may be what he does with that upper lip....?