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Contest: Good Asian Drivers

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Since I've been cleaning up Bilerico world headquarters lately to get stuff packed for the move, I've come across tons of stuff that have been sent in as samples or giveaway items. I don't want to move them, so look for lots of contests in the next few weeks.

Good_Asian_Drivers_Press_Ki.jpgYou can win two CDs in today's contest. Up for grabs are Melissa Li's 2 Seconds Away and Kit Yan's Good Asian Drivers on the Road - Live. Conveniently enough, Melissa is the other half of the Good Asian Drivers! Don't know what they sound like? Here's the Queer Music Friday post that featured the band.

Five lucky winners will be picked from the comments section. You'll get a copy of both CDs plus a Good Asian Drivers sticker. To enter, just leave a comment on this post and answer this question: If you were starting a band, what would you name it?

Contributors are eligible to enter. Winners must live in the United States. Contest closes Wednesday, August 18 at midnight Pacific time. Good luck!

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"The Hairy Benjamins." Um, but I don't know any chords, so it would have to be a punk band...

My band would be called black wells, (a reference to my new neighbourhod). Not that I'm anywhere near cool enough to start a band.

OH!! I love "Good Asian Drivers"!!!
My 4daughters and I play Rock Band Paystation together, all the time... our Rock Band name is:: Teacup Whores

I guess my band name will be... Not the Good Gays.

Ah... I am terrible at coming up with names. I suppose it would be... The Eco GenderQueers.

I would name my band The Poison Apples a Snow White reference, of course.

A lesbian metal band -- I'd name it, "Mega Bed Death".

If a gay male rock band, we'd be, "The Jizz Messengers".

If it's just my partner and myself, we'd be, "The Dallas Doofii".

However, if we were REALLY starting a band, I'd pick, "The Anarcha-Foodies Collective".

"Secret Asian Band."

My screen name for a couple of online accounts is "Secret Asian Man" because when I was a little kid, I heard the song "Secret Agent Man" and thought they were saying "Secret ASIAN Man." I was very confused...

The Gays of Our Lives

I think I'd name it "Curl Up and Dye," because that could be a folk, humor, death metal, country, western, or synth pop band.

My late-90s lesbian geeky-folk band: Willow Of Spelling

I might go with... W3T (What Were We Thinking).