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Cornholing Brad Ellsworth

Filed By Bil Browning | August 11, 2010 12:30 PM | comments

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And here I said Indiana Congressman and Senate hopeful Brad Ellsworth wasn't gay-friendly. My mistake. Apparently if you put a few beers in him, he's down with some cornholing. (Clickety to embiggen)


In related news, local CBS reporter Jim Shella is reporting that a pollster thinks "Ellsworth is viewed as a liberal by most voters." I don't know what planet that pollster lives on but most "liberals" don't want anything to do with the conservative Democrat. He's got so little support among Dems that an elderly Senator turned lobbyist who's said he'd rather live in North Carolina is trouncing him soundly in the polls.

Maybe that's why Ellsworth is running as a sheriff seeking office instead of his record as a Congressman. The Dems don't like his conservative record while the right will never vote for him over an actual Republican. Damn shame he lied about how long he had the job; that just made him the laughingstock of network news and Hoosier voters.

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Oh, but they must vote for him and support him.

If we don't, republicans may appoint a left of center USSC Justice..., oh, wait, Obama did that

Well, if we don't, Republicans will sideline DADT, DOMA and ENDA......oops, the administration and the Dems have done that....

OOps, I meant "right of centre" USSC justice

Cornholing sounds like a very kinky pass time done by farmers out in the fields.

Considering the similarity of the two games and the skills needed to play them well, I would think that horseshoes would replace the game of cornhole during political campaigns just so that the unfortunate anal double entendre can be avoided ...

... except in Martinsville, where rural tradition dictates that the horseshoe winner gets to fuck the horse in the ass.

The site I linked for "cornholing" also says that it's commonly known as "Indiana horseshoes" in Kentucky and Ohio. I found that hilarious too, AJ.

gregorybrown | August 12, 2010 12:29 PM

This is a great day for wordplay. A co-worker came back from an Indiana wedding and commented that all the men at the reception had spent hours cornholing in the church parking lot. there was a long silence in the break room. She realized that a bunch of NW Ohioans were likely to get a bad impression of Indiana folks ( a bit late for that, I reckoned)and clarified. My afternoon suffered a big letdown.

Doesn't this show what a down home, boy next door, simple kind of guy Brad Ellsworth is? He's just like you or me, except for the money and power he has and his buried hatred of the commoners.

I thought this page was about cornhole? lol! Its sad to see what politics can do to ones peers.