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DADT survey results won't be accurate

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Turns out that the participation the huge US military survey on DADT Country-Needs-You.jpgis self-selected:

Sunday was the deadline for troops to complete the Defense Department's "don't ask, don't tell" attitudes survey, and officials at the Pentagon said the final tally on completed responses was 109,883 -- a response rate of only about 27.5 percent.

A guy I know in the Air Force got the survey and he filled it out (he told me his responses... they weren't half bad). But if I'd hazard a guess the people who filled it out were those who felt strongly on the topic, and we all know that the people who feel strongly on this topic tend to be on the opposite side of the spectrum from the rest of us.

We don't really know who were the 27.5% were, but when you have a response rate that low (of people who knew in advance what the topic of the survey was), it does introduce a new element. Why would some people choose to respond and others wouldn't? Who knows, but whatever the reasons were, they may affect the end result of the survey.

The Stars and Stripes article linked above does mention who's better at filling out these surveys:

That's below the 30 to 40 percent response rate researchers from the University of Texas at Austin say an average email or online surveys should pull in, and well below the 52 percent participation rate officials at the Office of Personnel Management got in their similarly-structured 2010 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

Federal bureaucrats are one of the right's favorite scapegoats, blamed for everything from taxes to the mail not being delivered in time to Social Security insolvency to Hurricane Katrina. The right loves pulling funding from the bureaucracy and then blaming them when they aren't able to completely do their jobs. The troops, though, are the federal workers who have generally escaped rightwing criticism.

Bureaucrats are usually good people trying to do a decent job. This past week I had to go to the US consulate here in the Paris and the American workers there were professional and efficient. It's not surprising to me that they're better at filling out surveys. Like I've posted before on this site, federal bureaucrats can be pretty badass.

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Ok, so lets see, 27% answered the survey.

That 27% of the survey was freep as well so its not a true 27%. Its moot, but we all know that 13.5% will be for, 13.5% will be against... what ever the question is. Only the extreme one's answered, thats obvous.

So 73% didn't care about the issue enough to answer the survey. The moderates who probably believe that this is the USofA and its a land where all men are created equal and we need to live up to the hype.

So, to me it means 86.5% belive in American and the Freedom it stands for.

Just like the Mid-terms, religion has spoken. THAT was the reason for the "survey."

The "results" of the survey and the mid-term elections will be the LAST time religion flexes its influence. We NEED to understand that. If we do, we can make some sense of the next two years.

It's not that soldiers didn't care. It's that the survey sucked for the audience to whom it was aimed at.

It contained ~100 questions. Our soldiers are an average age of low 20's. That demographic, as anyone experienced with surveys knows, will simply not put up with such a a volume of questions.

Where that leaves us is that those who did fill them feel strongly on the issue. Guess what? History has shown us that the ones who care deeply are the opposition. Those sympathetic are fickle unless they are directly affected.

I don't like to be cynical, but it seems as if the survey was purposely crafted by officials in such a way that would slant to rejection of change.

Wow. Ya think?

C'mon, the Pentagon brass will never allow this, no matter what Congress says. Hell, as long as there's an election cycle coming up (which these days seems to be about every twenty minutes or so), Congress wont allow it. Oh sure, they'll say they're all for freedom and equality and all that stuff that looks good when wrapping one's self with a flag and a few weel-chosen pages from the Bible... but serious equality? Are you insane? Why, if everyone was equal, it would be... be... communistic... and socialistic... and... and... the end of our American way of life!!!

Well, and you can login and take the same survey multiple times. Aravosis signed in - and he's NOT in the military - three times using someone else's code. Who knows how badly this poll was skewed?

It doesn't really matter. The "survey" will serve its purpose - no DADT Repeal.

The whole idea of a compromise is a charade to make make Gay Inc. and Dems look like they were "trying." It's total BS. It will be filibustered away.