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Damaging Secrets: SU Web Ad Part Two

Filed By Jarrod Chlapowski | August 19, 2010 2:00 PM | comments

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Today's ad is a montage of perspectives: Navy intel officer Larry Baxley, Air Force spouse Kelly Sayers, and Marine mechanic Jon Martinez. A range of experiences, the overriding theme here is 'secrecy.'

Sixteen years in the service is a big deal. Getting out four years before retirement speaks strongly to many in the defense community, as there presumption is that there must have been a powerful reason for making that decision. For Larry to say living a lie under DADT is reason enough to forgo pending retirement is a significant statement that will resonate to anyone who has worn the uniform.

Jon brings in the junior enlisted perspective - that many who have lived even a few years under the lie find it unpalatable to reenlist. Taking away that aspect of service will bring in quite a few recruits who forwent reenlistment, to say nothing of those who would join again should DADT be repealed.

And then we have Kelly, who demonstrates the expanded scope of the forced secrecy - the partners of those currently serving. It is for this reason we created the Military Partners Initiative (www.militarypartners.org), which will only become more important as we go forward in repeal implementation.

Our overall goal with these ads is not to say DADT is horrible - most get that. It's to show how repealing DADT would make the military better. Open service is a better alternative, and here is why. The opportunity to eliminate this forced culture of secrecy certainly conveys that message.

This is second in a series of ads. As last time, please, pass this video around, spread the word. The web ad campaign's homepage is pretty cool too, so come and take a gander.

We're not done fighting DADT, and neither should you be. See you next week.

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I really liked this ad, Jarrod. I thought it made the point well - better than last week's, in my opinion.