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Earth shattering news

Filed By Bil Browning | August 26, 2010 5:00 PM | comments

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Tags: Bristol Palin, Dancing With The Stars, Levi Johnston, reality shows, Wasilla

You'd better sit down for this one. It's so earth shattering that it might rock you back in your seat. Smelling salts might have to get involved.


Not only does Palin-baby-daddy Levi Johnston starring in a TV reality show about running for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska - his first campaign stop was at a gun shop.

In related "the sun might collapse" news, Bristol Palin has been cast on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled queer issues.

(Note: Einstein predicted this problem: "If two diametrically inverse Palin-related reality shows were to collide, it would tear the Earth in two." True story. Look it up.)

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bil...i hate to say this, but you misunderstand the physics involved here; that said, i'll be happy to explain where you went wrong.

einstein did have a great theory, but as any physicist knows, it only works on normal size scales.

to put it another way, when you're dealing with extraordinarily small minds, such as we are here, normal physics breaks down and you have to apply quantum mechanics to really get at your answers...and just by coincidence, we can find a potential explanation in multi-dimensional universe theory, where some speculate entire dimensions might exist that we can't perceive, that consist of minute little circles in which the energy inside just runs around and around and around, for all eternity, stuck in its minute little circle...which actually makes sense when you apply it to "palinesque" behavior.

so how about that?

With Bristol and Levi so busy carving out TV celebrity careers for themselves, who's taking care of the baby?

Looks like a take off of Beverly Hills Hillbilly's!
Just hope they do not shoot into the ground and discover Oil!

What ever happened to the scandal about Todd Palin's costly silk boxer shorts, bought with Republican National Committee campaign contributions ? Didn't he even own underwear? when will Levi get his GED or will he return to high school?

That's a pretty big revolver Bristol has in her hand there. Could be a .44 magnum. Will there be a Dirty Harry homage in her dance?

Of course, if I were in the back country in Alaska, I'd carry a .44 as well but hey, that's just me being frightened of grizzly bears and mountain lions.