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GOProud invites Ann Coulter to "Homocon"

Filed By Alex Blaze | August 06, 2010 12:00 PM | comments

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I don't have much to say about this, other than that these are obviously very complicated, troubled individuals. That and they need to learn how to adjust resolution in Photoshop before enlarging an image.


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Does the "GOP" in this group's name stand for "Genuflecting and Obtuse Patsies?"

I mean, Ann Coulter, seriously?

These morons just need to go back into the closet, for the sake of those GLBT people who actually have some dignity. Not too long ago, this horrible woman was using the word "faggot" and proudly defending her anti-gay credentials to Mike Huckabee on his show, and now she's the "Right-wing Judy Garland?"

Fuck these people with a rusty crowbar. I never, ever want to meet one of them face to face.

Another thing: That quote by Coulter on the poster shows how utterly bereft of a clue they are. "Our gays are more macho than their straights?" That's a blatantly homophobic and sexist remark, yet apparently, they think it's some sort of affirmation.

Oh my God, that's not a joke?! What is wrong with these people? Judy Garland must be spinning in her grave, to be compared to that hateful bigot.

I love how many of queer sites that posted articles about this have transphobic 'Mann Coulter' comments. Good job gay community. Good job.


I've noticed that too, Nicole. I mean, what the hell is the world coming to when we use derogatory insults toward our own community to try and insult her? That makes us no better than her, in my book.

Judy Garland had more class in her pinky finger than Ann Coulter has in her entire skinny body.

And does that mean that Judy Garland was the "left wing Judy Garland"? Was she even political?

"Our gays are more macho than their straights?"

Identifying with divas is the mostest macho!

"?Quien Es Mas Macho?"

Saturday Night Live Skit ¿Quién es más macho? Fernando Lamas or Ricardo Montalban?

Renee Thomas | August 6, 2010 4:38 PM

Yep, I agree, EPIC Fails all around for those who slur Ann Coulter for any other reason than her vile and ignorant slurs - stick to her message. There are targets aplenty in her words and deeds.

As for GOProud, I amend my previous opinion . . . you are clearly morons bent on political self-destruction.

If it is possible to be both uniquely stupid and uniquely clumsy, blind and tone deaf, you have succeeded brilliantly . . . congratulations you have established a new low for self-serving political foolishness unlikely to be matched in our lifetimes.

I really really REALLY want an audio recording of her keynote.

The utter naive stupidity of it all, I'm sitting here flabbergasted that a gay group would issue a poster that looks like it was built in Microsoft Word. Not only are their politics out of whack, they should have their gay cards pulled for bad design sense.

I'm not a pro or anything but I've made much better posters on photoshop than that. It's really not that hard to make something that can be displayed on the web at 72ppi in a 400-some by 600-some pixel box. If it looks pixelated at that resolution, then it's going to look awful if they ever print it up.

And what's up with all the fonts? And the askew letters in her name (do they want to look playful and stupid)? And going no caps on some important words, like their own name?

I see why people are thinking this is a joke.

$250 general admission??? Riiiiiiiiight.........

Well, returning to the art for a moment: it's a little odd, isnt it, that there's no artist credit for the illustration, and part of me is wondering if this was some lo-rez clip art.

I know, I shouldnt focus on the graphics. But this is so very low-rent for an event this expensive to attend.

And all that money goes to her speaker fee, I'm sure. Obviously, nothing's leftover for the graphic artist.

From the goproud site blog:

GOProud does not have an official position on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), but we thought you all would find this thoughtful commentary interesting. This from Corinna Cohn -
Neither Discrimination nor ENDA Are Necessary

Read more here:

Of course, the arguement is that left to their own devices, business will ALWAYS do the right thing. Are these people for real?

Don't you know? They're better than the rest of us, people in business and management and HR. They're smarter and more moral, otherwise how would they get to where they are today? No one who's ever bossed around anyone else has ever abused that power, so clearly anti-discrimination legislation is unnecessary.

Ann Coulter is a closet fag hag, for those who don't know this already. sHe hangs with her queer friends when she's in L.A... I've got pix! (somewhere)

In related stories, Sarah Palin will deliver the keynote address at this year's Sierra Club symposium, Dick Cheney will chair the annual Amnesty International fundraiser, and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh will co-host a television special dealing with "Bigotry against ethnic minorities in today's society" on the BET cable network.

This is just sad and speaks to their immaturity. It seems like an attempt to achieve acceptance by mocking themselves, Ann Coulter and the gay left at the same time. It's like the elementary school victim trying to engage the bullies surrounding him by laughing and saying, "yeah, I'm a queer, ha ha, ain't that funny? I know you love to hit me because it turns us both on, baby." No one is convinced by such a performance, except the tortured soul who winds up on the floor with a black eye.

i believe the word we're all looking for here is...ewwwww.

I know this isn't particularly mature, but I love Gawker's habit of always referring to her with her age included, as in "Ann Coulter, 48, will be appearing at the GOProud event." I think if Bilerico picked it up, it would make it a trend...