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Happy 21st Birthday Angie Zapata

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Yesterday was a day that should have been a happy occasion for a young Latina transwoman who lived in Colorado.ts-Angie Zapata3.jpg

But sadly, it wasn't, thanks to a waste of DNA who is now serving a life sentence in a Colorado prison for his crime.

Yesterday would have been the 21st birthday for Angie Zapata.

I think back to how happy I was when I hit that milestone birthday, and I wonder what Angie would have felt on this day being surrounded by a loving family and friends.

I wonder how she would have celebrated this day, and how far along she would be on her feminine journey now.

I wonder what goals she would have set her sights toward achieving, and what level of youthful optimism and boundless determination she would have exerted to making them become a reality.

I wonder if she would have found someone worthy enough to love her and who was focused on the wonderful person in front of them.

But instead of her family watching her happily blow out 21 candles on her birthday cake and tearing the wrapping paper off numerous birthday gifts, they will be taking a somber trip to the cemetery where Angie has been lain to rest.

ts-angie zapata tombstone.pngIt's been two years since she was taken away far too soon, and as the trans community in Colorado and elsewhere strives to never forget what happened to her, we also pray on this day that the pain her family and friends feel over her loss is mitigated as time heals their wounded hearts.

May God bless the Zapata family.

Happy 21st birthday, Angie. Your extended family around the world will never forget you nor allow what happened to you to be forgotten.

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My thoughts and prayers are with Angie and the Zapata family.

Andrew Belonsky Andrew Belonsky | August 7, 2010 8:39 AM

Indeed a sad anniversary, and that's why it's so powerful: if only the mainstream media picked up on such stories, as they did with Matthew Shepard, to highlight the horrific hate that still takes lives across the States, and the world.

Agreed. But I don't think there will be candlelight vigils across the country for Angie like there were for Matthew. Cute white gay boy vs Hispanic trans woman. Which one is going to win in the popularity-for-victims department?

It's a fucking shame too because Angie's story should be all over as a brutal description of what trans women (especially those of color) face daily.

And so should Tyra Hunter's as an example of the medical transphobia that can kill people

Regan DuCasse | August 7, 2010 12:16 PM

I couldn't agree with you more Bil. I think it helped Gwen Araujo's case too that there was so much media involved and her family was willing to advocate for her. I think in some ways it is the families that make all the difference. Most transpeople are disconnected from their families.
Angie's people, as are Gwen's made sure the world knew that they loved and missed their sisters.

Gloria Allred, along with another advocate, exec produced a VERY good television movie about Gwen for Lifetime Channel.
Which also produced a movie about Bobby Griffith, starring Sigourney Weaver "Prayers For Bobby."

It bears mentioning also, just how YOUNG Angie and Gwen and Freddie Martinez were. They were still teenagers. Not even close to the full of their possibility.
Even better to educate the public on just how early in life being trans manifests.

My prayers and love go out to Angie and her very brave and loving family.