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He'll call it "The Stonewall Inn" after his rock-hard resistance to the Muslim terror threat

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Shorter Greg "mini-Glenn Beck" Gutfeld:


    My dickish joke about a Muslim gay bar has demonstrated that Muslims and the left are working together to oppress American gay people and that only conservatives have proven themselves ready to save the gays.

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Wouldn;t the best name be MANARETS??? :D

Gutfield makes an interesting observation:

"In fact, their accusations of Islamophobia are meant to hide their cowardice concerning gay rights. Think about it – I’m putting gay rights front and center, before an ideology that condemns homosexuality. No one on the left has the balls to do that. That’s why I make them look pathetic."

What do you think of that Alex?

A. He's not putting "gay rights front and center" - he's making a stupid point with a bad joke. He's against "gay rights," so he's not in much of a position to talk.

B. He's making no one look pathetic but himself.

C. Most American gay people don't see Islam as the biggest threat to their rights or livelihood for good reason - conservative Christianity is a much more immediate threat. It gets me about those in the west who whine about how gays complain about rightwingers and not Muslims - did Muslims get Prop 8 on the ballot or did Christians? Are DADT repeal and ENDA not going through because the Dems are afraid of Muslims or Christians? Etc.

D. While they generally complain about how everyone in America is prejudiced against Christians, there actually are people - lots of people - who are prejudiced against Muslims. That's a real problem that should be addressed, and people who are gay have an interest in keeping this country open to difference. This week it's the mosque in lower Manhattan, next week it could be the "Ground Zero gay bar." He's using that now as his joke, but, who knows, they might have thrown a fainting spell over that if this wasn't available.

E. If countries that are culturally Christian are more friendly to out-n-proud, Western-style gay identity (and I'd agree to that, even though there is plenty of same-sex action going on in Muslim countries that most people know about and tolerate), it's not because of the Christians. It's because of the people who came to reject that religion and opened their minds and the minds of others. Which is why both Christians and Muslims in Western countries tend to be more socially liberal than their counterparts in the Middle East.

Good question, Andrew. Are you suggesting that the left is hypocritical, demanding obeisance to homophobic cultures that happen to be the favorite darlings of the moment, and refusing to acknowledge their flaws?

Gutfield makes an accurate link between religion and bigotry that most people are afraid to do.

Religious beliefs matter much more than political beliefs when it comes to LGBT-issues.

No, he really doesn't. He links Islam with homophobia, but not Christianity. Notice his semi-joking defense mechanism, saying that anyone who disagrees with him is homophobic and racist. Of course! because when we call traditional, Real Americans homophobic, it's just flinging insults. He's doing it too!

The link isn't to religion, generally, it's to a religion he doesn't like. That changes his entire point.

Apples or oranges, Alex? Muslim or Christianity? Religion makes homosexuality wrong, nothing else.

I don't like or dislike Gutfield - that takes too much energy, but he has a point about Muslims hatred of homosexuality. In addition to his bar, we should should put a dog shelter on the other side of the mosque or a Victoria's Secret.

If you haven't noticed, I don't believe in religious tolerance when it interferes with other peoples lives/liberties. I do believe in religious freedom, but they should keep it to themselves. If Gutfield ultimately sheds light on the lunacy of Muslim beliefs, fine. Let them have their mosque, but their ancient bigoted beliefs are just stupid, discriminatory and they don't need to be tolerated - they should be marginalized. Maybe if we laugh at ignorance people will learn to keep it to themselves or grow up and join the 21st century.

Kathy Padilla | August 12, 2010 3:27 PM

f. He ain't the only one. Many are doing it under much more difficult conditions than he can imagine:
Al-Fatiha Foundation
An international organisation for Muslims who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, or questioning their sexual orientation

Sex and the Umma
Discussion of gender and sexuality in the web magazine, Muslim Wakeup

A British-based support group "for Muslim lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered people, as well as those questioning their sexuality or gender identity, and their family, friends and supporters". See article.

Queer Jihad
A website that "condemns all forms of terrorism, including prejudice and discrimination".

Safra Project
Project working on "issues relating to lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender women who identify as Muslim religiously and/or culturally"

I do think the right is making an interesting and sudden shift on "LGBT rights" that I find quite entertaining. Its now suddenly vogue and edgy to be a Conservative who loves the gays. Over the past few weeks, we've had Ann Coulter, Greg Gutfeld and Glenn Beck all surprise Conservative America by going for the 'gay best friend' shock factor. While I see how clearly phony it is--especially in Beck's case--I am enjoying the circus. The one-up-man-ship of "I'm the most pro-gay right-winger!" can only get more hilarious.

And why shouldn't we welcome it. Sure they're dead wrong on everything else. Sure they're trying to make explicitly offensive points while they're making their queer stands, but the wake of this is an America that is no longer whipped to anti-gay frenzy by their extremist pundits.

When the right wing idealogues become ambivalent toward the LGBT community, the wind will come out of the sails of the anti-queer establishment. The rhetoric will deflate, and public opinion will shift smoothly from the "black and white" for-or-against the gheys to either "you go girl," and "I could care less."

Also, don't forget, in saying all of this, Gutfeld made a radical break from the rest of the Right calling for acceptance of the plans for the Cordoba House. It may be coming with strings, and a cynicism that smells so bad one has to open the windows, but the elements are all there for a break-through:

1. Gutfeld yields the right is out of line to demand that the Islamic Center be moved.
2. Gutfeld calls attention to homophobia and anti-gay violence that his fans would likely never have taken notice of.

We've got a foundation to help him really understand what tolerance is, next step should be easy.

Is he being a dick about it? You bet. But just because someone's a dick, doesn't mean they're insincere too. They're just a dick. A sincere dick some days, an insincere dick others.

I'm interested about how this plays out.

Either way the conversation its sparked is interesting and actually well-needed.

1. Gutfeld yields the right is out of line to demand that the Islamic Center be moved.

Not really, he just says that he's in favor of private property. He's completely condoning the fact that people on the right have a right to be bothered by the center and is accepting their stance as normal. He never calls them out as offensive or "out of line."

2. Gutfeld calls attention to homophobia and anti-gay violence that his fans would likely never have taken notice of.

They probably have. Most feminists in the US are used to that line - you think the US is sexist, move to Syria! It's a way of getting people to stop taking responsibility for their own actions and beliefs and say, "Look over there! They're worse!"

It's why "speaking truth to power" is a silly expression - power already knows what it's doing, that's how it got power. These people do know what's up and what they're doing, they just have found ways to ignore the fact that it's wrong. Gutfeld's giving them another excuse to not challenge themselves, so his followers can say, well, I'm against gay rights, but at least I'm not as bad as those damn Muslims!