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How Janet Jackson Can Save the Democratic Party

Filed By Bil Browning | August 31, 2010 10:30 AM | comments

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Fresh polling out from Gallup doesn't bode well for the Democrats.

August is the cruelest month...for Democrats, it seems. Driving the news today is a new Gallup poll that shows Republicans holding an unprecedented 10 point lead over Democrats on a generic ballot. Other polls indicate the spread is closer to 5 or 6 points, and all politics are ultimately local, not generic, but the new poll has rightly stoked fears of November being a "wave" election for Republicans.

Janet-Jackson-2.jpgThe Democrats could learn a lesson from Janet Jackson. It's not just the LGBT community kvetching over the lack of action by Congressional leadership; there were scads of promises made in the 2008 election that haven't been fulfilled or even attempted.

After the jump is a special video message Janet recorded that all of our elected officials in DC should hear.

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Love it. I have been doing my homework and those Democrats who are not fully on board for my rights will lose my votes. In my district in MD the Green party is running candidate for pretty much most of the offices both local and national and some of them will be getting my vote. I am sick of the Democrats using the scare tactics that well you are helping get the Republicans elected. It is the tool they use to not do anything for us and I refuse to be a part of it anymore.

Tim,wake up. Have you been listening to what the Tea Party fools are saying?

They are straight up fascists. They mean it when they say they're going to kill Social Security amongst the long list of other roll the clock back the 18th century legislation they are proposing including renewed attempts at passing the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Your bitching because the Dems aren't moving fast enough on GLBT legisaltion, so answer this question for me.

What GLBT friendly legislation did the Republican party pass when they had control of the White House and Congress from 2000-2006?

Here are some questions for you, Roberts.

Would General David Petraeus escalate the murder of GIs and civilians from Palestine to Pakistan the way B. Clinton Bush and Obama did? Absolutely.

Would Palin reward the looter class with trillions, bust unions and impose austerity programs on working people the way B. Clinton, Bush and Obama did? Surely.

Would Haley Barbour of Mississippi push the passage of a health care scam that enriches insurance companies and HMOs while allowing them to deny good health care to most patients and kill some of them by denying them needed treatment the way H. Clinton and Obama did? Yes.

Would Rick Santorum support FISA and the Paytriot Act like the Clintons and Obama. You bet.

Would Mitt Romney sit on his ass liek Obama while the Gulf of Mexico was turned into a sewer? No doubt about it. Both parties practice malign neglect when it comes to environmental and economic emergencies.

Would Mike Huckabee continue Clintons policy of kidnapping, torturing and murdering civil and military opponents the way Bush and Obama did? Yes.

Would Jeb Bush 'robustly' prosecute Private First Class Bradley Manning, a hero of the antiwar and gay communities like Obama's DoD? Yes.

Would Governor Rick Perry of Texas continue to defend Bill Clintons DADT and DOMA like Obama does. Count on it.

The differences between the two parties are mainly cosmetic.

On November 2nd 2010 vote for a socialist party or sit it out.*

On November 4th 2012 vote for a socialist party or sit it out. *

*(Unless there are important initiatives or propositions on the ballot,)

The worst thing about the Democrats' successful campaign to squelch voter enthusiasm for the Democrats is that the alternative is the Republicans. People who forgot 2000 are talking about voting third party in the 2012 or 2016. And then another terrible Republican will get into power. And then s/he'll be replaced by a middle-of-the-road Democrat. Reagan/Bush 1, then Clinton, the Bush 2, then Obama, back and forth, back and forth.

The rapid polarization of American society and the escalating radicalization of working people have one cause and one only - the three decades long determined assault by the looter classes on the standard of living of working people and their unions. No one can predict how the rage of 15 million unemployed, the mass of the unemployed and the facts of speedup, give backs and the export if jobs will play out this November.

But as the military and economic crises deepen we can confidently predict that workers will begin moving hard left in large numbers. We have to build mass action movements, unions and a new, socialist coalition to guide that rage and use it to power engines for fundamental social change.

As for the Democrats and the Republicans they're too stupid to know they're doomed.

But, Bill, do you think that there is a radicalization of working & unemployed people going on? I'm not being facetious. It seems to me that sometimes that rage amongst working people, or the general populace, swings the other way towards more extreme right wing politics - 1920's Italy & Germany come to mind (although I'm not trying to suggest these are equivalent situations).

While still living in LA I saw some honest unionizing amongst workers, and a little of that has occurred here in Columbus. But, nonetheless...

As to how to "fix" the situation with the two major party system, well...???

Full disclosure: I was one of those people that voted 3rd party in 2000 (voted full Green Party ticket) and truly regretted it (at the national level) after having 8 years of Bush W., which, in my mind, turned out to be a truly disastrous period for the U.S. on so many levels, at least in my lifetime.

Unions are in flux as the old leadership tries to respond, not very successfully, to the new mood of the rank and file.

Strikers are more adamant and far more militant. Major union organizing drives are underway in mining, meatpacking and hotels. I don't know of any unemployed leagues in the US now but they're a feature in every country with a prolonged crisis. The only option the government is to extend unemployment benefits for years and that seems unlikely. Unemployment is sharply rising again.

Workers in Germany and Italy were the victims of right wing governments, not supporters of fascism.

Gore would have done pretty much what Bush did. He was a firm supporter of Clintons bigotry, his attacks on workers standards of living and for seizing Iraqi oil.