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How to trick people

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A friend hit me up on Facebook last night and sent me links to these two videos. She said they're "a sad funny commentary on being a woman."

She wondered what our readers and contributors would think about the pair of videos, so I'm obliging. What do you think, Projectors?

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I thought the first video was hilarious but the second one I only got halfway through before I go bored and turned it off.

Would it make a difference to you if you realized that the first woman does actually make up like that when she goes out on the town? Or that her master's degree is real?

I agree that the first one was better, because there are tons of girls who behave like this. "Would it make a difference to you if you realized that the first woman does actually make up like that when she goes out on the town?" I watch my 14 year old sister do everything on that list before she leaves the house. That's why the first one is so much funnier, because the satire in it is more realistic.

Also as a woman who does not fit into the mainstream standard of beauty, I can attest that 'ugly' women also get harassed about their looks in public. Instead of the wolf whistle, we get negative comments about our weight, hair, skin tone, etc. from perfect strangers who have no business talking to us in the first place. Having a creep at the convience store try to lecture you about your fatness isn't a fun or comforting experience in public either. Also, very few girls actually have the level of self confidence in their looks that the girl in the second video does. Women are taught to hate their looks, even if they meet societal standards of beauty fairly well.

I don't know Bill, maybe it's the heat or maybe I'm just stupid but I don't follow you. I don't care if she dropped out at grade 6 or if she has a Phd and I also could care less how she does her makeup I just thought she was very funny.

The Master's degree may be real but is it her's? Nothing is a suprise when going out on the town! Sometimes we feel like a Slut and sometimes we feel like a clown! Just think that normally we put make-up on under very brite florecent lights, then we go out into the sun! Makes for some interesting pictures!

I like this brand because it makes me look like a crackwhore! :D

auntie_alias auntie_alias | August 12, 2010 11:41 AM

I agree w/Wendy that the first one is absolutely hysterical. I forwarded the link to my straight 19-yo daughter! The second one is ho-hum at best. Still, I get your point. I also agree w/your friend that it's a sad commentary on the way women are expected to look/behave. Of course I think natural looks hella better on her! But you know what? If we can't laugh at ourselves, as Jenna is obviously doing in her parody (e.g., "The goal is to make yourself look nothing like yourself", "...there's no cure for ugly, but you can make yourself into a human optical illusion"), then we're taking life WAY too seriously. It's the women who really do take this stuff seriously that I feel sorry for.

Both are sad commentaries because our response to them is supposed to be, "oh, but you're both so pretty!" Neither one of them has the guts to actually "ugly it up." It's like when when self-conscious women always go to Halloween parties as cute kitties or sexy witches.

As Lorrie Moore says, that's not in the spirit in Halloween.

David Guy Fetzer | August 13, 2010 2:01 PM

I'm in the minority. To me, both were funny although I do agree the first one was better. Nothing says funny like using Rick Astley for background music. Note to the girl in #2: you obviously haven't seen the new grown-up Amanda Bynes. Not mediocre at all!

I think the sad commentary here is that women are judged primarily for our looks. We can hold jobs, have an education, raise kids--but if we're to leave our houses, we're expected to look a certain way. If we don't fit into that box, then we're harassed for being 'ugly.' If we do fit into that box, then we're harassed because 'hot girls want it.' It's kind of a lose-lose scenario.

I found both of them pretty funny. I think there's been more negative reaction to the second video because she's a 'hot girl' making herself ugly, and that's not as PC as the other way around.

I think it's important to people to begin to understand how stereotypes affect our judgment of other people, and particularly women. A lot of women I know won't go out without their "face" on, which is to say covering up their real faces. We would recoil in horror at a society that requires people to wear a mask in public in order to be judged worthy. But that is exactly what we do. Because people judge realness as inferior. Only fake stereotypes makes you good enough. Young girls live in horror of not being judged hot, because that is the only route to self-worth. Older women call it by different names, but do the same thing.

Wait, I have to go put on my makeup.